Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of October 1, 2016

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As we kick off the first weekend of October, we’re wanting to focus on two big topics: National Indoor Air Quality Month and National Fire Prevention Month. So how do we actually start this week’s show? Talking about dog urine. Ok, I think this could qualify as an indoor air quality concern, right? If you have hardwood, or as in this case, carpeting with a wood subfloor beneath, then pet urine can make a very LASTING impression. Bad dog……


The very best way I’ve found to completely remove the odor is a two-step process. First, use an equal amount of baking soda and white vinegar to scrub the stains. It’s going to take a fair amount of elbow grease, but these two ordinary household products combine nicely as an organic enzyme to attack those nasty smells. Secondly, if you’re going back over the subfloor with more carpet or a floating wood/laminate floor, then encapsulate the subfloor by painting it with a white-pigmented shellac. Problem solved.

Danny was quite proud of his shirt today. At first glance it looks like a simple dotted pattern, but closer look shows that his shirt is covered in miniature white whales.


But who knew his shirt was also a game? Look even closer and you’ll spot the occasional blue whale!


During the course of the show, I mentioned the versatility of using a French cleat. If you haven’t heard of this and would like to know how it works, just check out our video here. This is a floating shelf I made for a past episode and I used a French cleat to hold it in place.

Solid surface is a great material for countertops, but it will scratch easily. If those scratches are very minor and not too deep, you can get an inexpensive kit to remove the scratches yourself, but for deeper scratches, always turn to a pro to buff them out.


Finally, we tackled squeaky stairs. My tool of choice for squeaky stairs covered with carpet is called Squeeeeek No More. They’re easier to find online than in the stores and it’s a bit of an investment ($20-$25), but it does the job beautifully!

squeeeeek no more

And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Willard in MO
We are considering buying a house, but it has old dog urine stains thru-out every room. Carpet has already been removed and odor is strong. How do you recommend removal of the stains and odor permanently?

Gerald in PA
How do you remove popcorn finish from PLASTER walls and ceilings?

Julie in MI
Do I have to paint over dark gray primer I used for my bathroom cabinets? They look nice with just the primer .

Ron in MI
I have an old home that we use for an office building. The walls are plaster and the previous owner used some sort of glossy substance in the seams. Is there some kind of spray I can use to put the same type of plaster texture on the wall to mask those seams?

Rich in CA
Any tips on how to repair a knot hole in my fenceboard (pickets) or should I just replace the board(s)? And those that are coming loose, what should I re glue them in with?

Virginia in TX
I have a wooden closet rod that keeps falling down because of the weight of the clothing. How can I stop this from happening?

Toni in VA
What do you use to caulk nails when doing trim, without having to do it over because when it dries, it shrinks?

Claudia in CA
We have a Corian countertop and has a lot of scratches on it. We thought about a replacement but we will probably rent our home again and since our last tenant damaged the countertop we wouldn’t like to spend this money right now. Is there any way for us to fix it without need to replace it I mean any product or polisher that could help us.

Kim in SC
My husband is saying with 11 ft ceilings you do not hang pictures eye level. I disagree! Who would be correct?
I think eye level looks awesome!

Bonnie in OH
What is the right way to remove mold from cement blocks?

Michael in NC
Which is best, solar landscape lighting or low voltage lighting?

Paul in MI
I’m hanging kitchen cabinets in my condo and the wall is 1 1/2″ thick and extremely hard. I don’t know whether it is thick drywall or some sort of plaster but I cannot find studs and cutting holes through this wall would be a huge project. Is it safe to hang the cabinets to the wall with toggle anchors?

Rodney in VA
My stairs squeak whenever going up and down. How can I fix this?

Sheila in KY
I just had tile laid in my small bathroom, but when one sits on the toilet the front tile cracks. We have replaced it twice and on the third attempted. It cracked again. Do you have some lasting suggestion?


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