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It’s nice having a warm house to keep you comfortable, especially as we transition from the mild autumn temps to to chill of winter. However, that change in temperature can play havoc with the wood structures of a home. One of the signs of inevitable expansion and contraction can be what we refer to as “nail pops.” This happens when the nail holding a piece of drywall in place gets pushed out causing a slight bulge in the wall. Vibrations can also result in nail pops, but they relatively easy to repair. The key is to ditch the nails and go back with screws. Here’s a great video on how to repair any nail pop you may find in your home.

Our first hour guest pro is Dr. Ron Harrison, an entomologist with Orkin. Dr. Ron shared some fantastic advice to help keep rodents away from your home during the winter months. By the way, did you know a rat can gain access to your home by wiggling in through a hole no bigger than a quarter?! Take a look at Ron’s advice, along with the 2016 Top 50 Rattiest Cities in the U.S.


A warm and toasty floor is always a treat for your feet. Check out this system from our friends at Uponor that we installed a few years ago. It’s a great retrofit situation, and since it’s a hydronic system, it’s much more energy efficient that using an electric warming grid.

Saddle up, “pardners” for another rodeo with our favorite professional organizer, Jeni Aron, the Clutter Cowgirl! This week, Jeni shared some great advice for dealing with holiday clutter, including the excessive toys that grandparents may pile in your house for the grandkids!


Finally, take a look at these pictures of some cabinet hinges.


We want to help one of our listeners find this exact hinge style. Have you seen an antique brass, flush mount hinge like this? Let us hear from you so we can pass along your recommendation!

And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Arnold in MS
I have this oily type of residue that comes out of my kitchen faucet on the hot water side only. None of the other faucets in the house have this problem. What could be the issue?

Pakaysy in TN
My floor is falling apart in the bathroom that I could see the crawl space. The other bathroom attached to the hall wall it also sink and felt soft as we walk on the hall way. Where and how should I start?

Monica in SC
I’m finding nail pops in walls & ceiling all throughout home. The house was built in 2003 and we purchased it in 2012. We replaced roof this year in March due to some leak issues. This house is on a concrete slab and we live in the low country. With so many pops in every room would this be due to settlement of house? I hear creaks & pops at different times of day & night. Could it be structural?

Lessie in NC
A friend told me that placing pool tablets under the house will keep rodents away. Is there any truth to that?

John in NY
My 70 year old radiant floor system leaks. Can I cut grooves into a concrete slab and place hydronic tubing in the grooves and hook it up to an existing boiler? I don’t want to lose headroom.

Dan in AL
I purchased a home with a tongue and groove vaulted ceiling. The T&G pine is fastened directly to the ceiling members. The only air barrier from living space to attic is the faced fiberglass insulation. Would caulking the cracks be sufficient in the case where I may whitewash the ceiling, or does the T&G need to be removed and a proper barrier be installed?

John in SC
We enjoy starting our Sunday with your television show. I saw this week about venting out a microwave fan. I have the same problem but I have an upstairs so I can’t put a pipe going up. Any suggestions?

Jennifer in IL
I have a 1948 bungalow with a basement. I don’t have any standing water in the basement, but it’s always damp. How do I eliminate this dampness?

Sandra in TX
Would installing a new roof with insulation help warm up my home? My house was built in 1950. The walls are made of mortar and it has no insulation on the roof. It also has old windows. What kind of roof would you recommend on a tight budget? Would it even be worth it if I am thinking of looking for a new home?

Liz in NC
I love decorating for Christmas, which I started last weekend. But I always dread after the holidays trying to put everything away without damaging it….finding it all next year…AND how to even start finding places for all the stuff the kids get from their grandparents. I need help!

Carrie in TX
I’m having trouble finding new cabinet hardware to match the existing hinges from a house built in the 1960’s. Where do I start?


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