Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for May 12, 2018

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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini present “Today’s Homeowner” radio each week nationwide.

Simple Solutions

Wood Trim Cleaning Tip – To clean interior trim, such as baseboards and door casing, try this tip.

Mix one quart of water with one cup of liquid fabric softener. Dip a sponge into the cleaning solution, wring out the excess, and wipe down the moldings.

The antistatic property of the fabric softener helps to remove the dirt and prevents static cling from attracting more dust.

DIY Composting Bin – Composting bins can be expensive, but you can make one from an old plastic trashcan. Drill 5/8-inch holes through the bottom and all around the outside of the can for drainage and ventilation. Set the bin on blocks or bricks, so the air can circulate. When the can is partially filled with leaves, grass clippings and kitchen scraps, simply roll the can around the yard to mix and redistribute the compost.

Best New Product

Picture this: You’re remodeling or renovating your home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to view inside a wall to see the wires or ductwork within? How about the chance to penetrate pipe and see what’s clogging them?

Well, now you can.

Ryobi’s Phone Works Inspection Scope features a waterproof, LED-lit camera that you can stick inside a wall or pipe.

Just download the app to your smartphone, connect to Wi-Fi and attach your smartphone to the device to display the camera’s footage.

You can purchase this product at The Home Depot.

Featured Question of the Week

Leslie from MO
I’m creating a tile backsplash in my kitchen. How do I protect the grout from stains until it cures enough for me to seal it?

Danny’s answer: You’re right to be concerned because grout stains can ruin any tile project, especially a backsplash in a busy kitchen. But you don’t have to worry about cover-up if you use a grout-like Fusion Pro Single Component Grout because it’s stain proof from the beginning. It comes pre-mixed, which simplifies installation, and the color is always consistent from the first scoop to the last. But the best part about Fusion Pro is that it’s stain resistant and never needs sealing. So your new backsplash will be safe from fading over time as well as those spills or splatters from spaghetti sauce or red wine. You can find out more about Fusion Pro by Custom Building Products here.

Hour 1

Lisa in NY
I have porcelain tiles on my bathroom ceiling. The grout has gotten black and ugly. When I try to clean it the way I clean other grout, the cleaners drip on my head. I have tried using a cloth dampened with grout cleaner, but it is not very effective. I’d really appreciate your help.

Matthew in TX
I have just experienced two flood events in the Houston area over a period of 18 months. Each time my house interior was flooded (to a depth of 2 feet in the first event and 9 inches in the second). It is notable that the second flood was higher outside the building than the first but the inundation was less, largely due to the fitting of waterproof flooring after the first flood I believe. With that as inspiration I’m looking for guidance on how to waterproof the siding, underfloor and doorways in preparation for the next flood! Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Kim in GA
I live in a house that is at the “bottom” of a row of houses that sits on a slope. My neighbor told me 3 years ago that the previous owner had a French drain around the perimeter of my fence that separates our homes. The past year I’ve noticed that the standing water is starting to get worse in my backyard. My question is how often does the piping n the French drain need to be replaced? Is this a project that I might be able to tackle? I have a pretty small yard and fence.

Kathi in TX
We are having to replace our hardwood floors due to hurricane Harvey. The kitchen sits up higher than the rest of the house by 2″. My question is, how do I fix this problem? When you enter our home from the front door, you have to step down. The slab is cement. I have purchased cement board and tile. I thought I could put thin set down and bond the cement board to the cement slab that way, but now thinking it’s not a good idea. Any suggestions would be great.

Cathy in OH
We recently purchased a home with an exterior door leading out to the garage. The bottom 3 inches or so of the doorframe is rotted on both sides. Is this something that can be fixed or must I replace the doorframe?

Hour 2

Jim in Ontario
We have long valley runs on our roof. This year the ice built up and rain got under shingles and flooded the house. What can I do to seal the valleys from letting water under the shingles, and how do I stop ice dams?

Gail in OH
We mistakenly used 2×4 studs that were not treated for our crossbars on our outside fence. How long do you think they will hold up with a good stain applied to them?

Jack in IN
I have seen a lot of tips on how to paint aluminum siding. Should I roll it and then follow with a brush? Please advise me on the best way to handle this entire project.

Brad in WA
We have a park model trailer with a stick-built addition and in years when there is significant snow, it breaks the gutters. We close it up in the winter, so are never there to see exactly what happens, but this past year I went up late in the year to finish some inside work, which is when I took these pictures. This past year, I had taken the gutters off before the winter but when we went back up the snow had broken or damaged all the hangers, and at $3.50 a hanger it costs quite a bit to repair this every year. The cabin has a metal roof, which seems to make the problem worse, and this year when we went up, the ivy fence (visible in the picture) was completely flattened, so there must have been an “avalanche” come off the roof. I have seen advertisements for a heat trace that is zig-zagged along the lower edge of the roof to prevent ice dams, but I am not sure how they would work on a metal roof or how to attach it. Do you have any thoughts or ideas? My wife wants the gutters up, but…

Ann in TX
There are large holes in our garage wall paneling due to accidents. What’s the quickest, cheapest material to replace the paneling?

Larry in NH
I’d like to tile two sides of our kitchen peninsula. The cabinets are made of 1/4 ” plywood. If I attach cement board and then tile, the side next to the cabinet doors will stick out. Is it possible to stick the tile directly to the plywood? I’m concerned that the tiles will fall off or that the grout joints will crack. I plan to use tiles that are 3/8 in. thick x 5 in. wide x 24 in. long. Thanks for any suggestions.

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