Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for March 14, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the March 14, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Mike in MA
Having had replacement shingles ,the roofer installed a ridge vent …It seems ice dam problem got worse….There are not any soffit vents….Can the rafters be insulated with Roxul and poly-iso board and box off ridge vent…Could I install an intake fan of 400cfm to vent existing 20×30 gable framed attic?

John in AL
In time because the plastic can scrapes on the ground and the pavement, holes appeared in the bottom corners. I wiggled into the can and applied Liquid Nails but that “solution” did not last long. The only other idea I have thought of is to jam something thick, such as carpeting, into the holes and trim the part that sticks out of the hole. What do you suggest will remedy the problem? In the present state of things, particles and liquids escape from the holes.

Rosie in MO
How do I keep my sidewalk of pavers securely in the ground and stop them from moving, shifting. They sometime shift as you walk on them causing them to be a hazard.

Judy in GA
I just purchased my home that is 12 yrs. old. When the concrete sidewalk was poured, concrete was splashed on the bricks and not cleaned. Is there anything I can do now to remove the concrete from the bricks?

Valerie in NY
I have a room in the attic that is freezing in the winter and hot in the summer. I had new insulation put into the accessible areas, but an energy audit came back saying it wasn’t enough. They want to spray foam, which means taking out everything and that’s just a waste of money. Do I bite the bullet and spend even more money or is there any other alternative?

Bridgett in AL
My yard slopes down directly behind my mail box making it difficult to mow. Worse, however, is the slush/mud directly in front where the mailman and I drive up to access the mail box. I’d love a way to solve both problems and have it look good.

Doris in AL
Thank you for answering my previous question on air about installing engineered wood floor over cutback glue. This glue does contain asbestos and according to EPA this residue cannot be scraped sanded etc. but must be removed by a hazmat crew. My question still can the floor be installed over remaining glue that has ridges?

Robert in GA
Any time the humidity is high or if rain is in the forecast, my carport seats. Is there anything I can put on this to stop it?

Arun in India
Is it a good idea to install the dishwasher at a slightly higher height than the floor? This will avoid the bending down and might make it easier to use (especially for us older citizens). If yes, what should be the platform height? Will there be any additional things to look out for if I decide to do this? What could be the possible disadvantages in doing so?

Judy in Bali
I would like to paint the decorative border tile which runs around the total bathroom, as this is up high it will never be exposed to water or dampness. The tile is embossed with floral pattern, I was thinking of painting it to hide the colorful pattern, the only problem here in Bali you can’t buy any of the products you have mention. If I was to clean the tile properly could I use normal paint?

Tom in UT
We had our hickory cabinets installed 15 years ago and several of the doors and molding are beginning to show loss of finish, like the Verathane is coming off. This happened once before and the company came out and redid it. Now it is happening again. What can we do as we are trying to sell our house?


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