Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for June 21, 2014

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Here are some of the highlights from the June 21, 2014, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Guests on This Week’s Show

Interior designer, Christopher Grubb, discussed designing for small spaces.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

  • How to paint a textured popcorn ceiling and remove wallpaper.
  • Repairing a rotten wooden garage door frame.
  • How to remove paint from a concrete porch.
  • Will cleaning a roof with bleach fade or discolor the shingles.
  • How to stop moisture from seeping through basement walls.
  • Using a rain diverter to keep runoff out of a neighbor’s yard.
  • How to hang a 40-pound wooden fish from the ceiling safely.
  • What type of insulation provides the best return on investment.
  • Problem with bedroom door closing by itself.
  • How to remove Super Glue from a wood floor.
  • Problem with polyurethane finish causing stain to come off furniture.
  • Yellow mold appearing on baseboard and doors in carpeted rooms.
  • How to calculate the number of landscape blocks needed for a circle.
  • Removing trim on a marble shower surround without breaking.
  • How to convert a granite table into a countertop.
  • Problem with ceiling fan not rotating as fast as it used to.
  • How to remove silicone caulking from window glass.
  • Problem with chalky white powder forming on basement walls.
  • How to replace rotten porch decking under columns.
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Backed by his 40-year remodeling career, Danny served as the home improvement expert for CBS’s The Early Show and The Weather Channel for more than a decade. His extensive hands-on experience and understanding of the industry make him the go-to source for all things having to do with the home – from advice on simple repairs, to complete remodels, to helping homeowners prepare their homes for extreme weather and seasons.


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