Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for July 25, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the July 25, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Laverne in VA
I have a 4×4 landing deck with steps, leading down to the ground. What’s the best and quickest way to finish the horizontal edge? I’m thinking of a “half round trim.

Debbie in WA
How do I freshen up an older composite deck? I have cleaned it but it looks drab.

Garr in KY
I have several dogs in my home that are experiencing separation anxiety. As such, they are eating their way through several bedroom doors in my house. Is it best to just replace the doors, and if so, what measurement should I take to get the correct fit?

Terri in NC
My glass shower door is rubbing against the tile wall when I close it. It did not do this before… can I fix the door?

Teena in AL
How do I get rid of sewer gnats in my kitchen?

Karen in MA
Hi Gang – I’m a first time homeowner. I like doing projects around the house. I know a little about a lot. And I know what I don’t know. I’ve changed lights and plumbing fixtures and a few other things, but I don’t know if I can tackle new windows. I don’t have a lot of windows, but the windows I do have are in different states of disrepair. Can I do it myself?

Chris in AL
I have a wood-destroying fungus on my deck. I have to treat it every year. I was wondering if Wet & Forget would take care of this?

Alex in London
Can I use wall ceramic tile for floor?

Carol in MI
I have a house that was built in 1950 and I am trying to upgrade my bathroom. The outside walls of my house are built with concrete blocks. My question is should I put a plastic vapor barrier on the outside wall before I add 2×4’s and insulation, or should I put roofing felt on the wall instead of the plastic. I have watched contractors on television do both. The program that added the felt said they did that so the concrete can breathe. Which is correct?

Andrew in FL
I’d like to have a generator for my home, especially since I live in coastal Florida. How do I choose what I need for my home? I’m not sure how to even begin making a decision!

John in GA
I was wondering what your opinion is on the spray foam insulation, both open and closed cell? And, is it worth the investment?


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