Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for July 12, 2014

Hour 1

Hour 2

Here are some of the highlights from the July 12, 2014, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

  • Building a deck railing that will also act as a privacy screen.
  • Whether to put underlayment under a floating, vinyl plank floor.
  • Are vinyl plank floors a good idea for kitchens and laundry rooms.
  • How to remove a window sash from a vinyl clad window.
  • Removing white stains caused by planter from a composite deck.
  • Do bent fins on an air conditioner increase power bills.
  • Problem with paint flaking off painted ceramic tiles.
  • How to remove a kitchen sink from a tile countertop.
  • What is causing damage to day lilies in garden.
  • Sound of water running in walls from air conditioner unit.
  • How to paint a porch floor which has oil stains on it.
  • Problem with paint primer not drying properly.
  • How to make a small house feel more spacious.
  • Fixing a gap between kitchen cabinets and the ceiling.
  • Problem with small, black insects on faux butcher block.
  • How to stop a roof leak and repair damage to the ceiling.
  • Whether to install a moisture barrier over attic insulation.


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