Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for February 13, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the February 13, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Jack in NH
My 12 year old home has a cathedral ceiling and where the taped joints meet, some are starting to lift. I had a contractor in to paint the ceiling and he attempted to re-seal the tape with caulking compound. A month later the same problem started again. Any suggestions would help.

Skip in NJ
The bathroom mirrors are glued to the wall. Is there a way to safely remove them without having broken glass all over?

William in IN
I live in a wooded area and sometimes I have black ants, how do I get rid of them and what do I do for prevention?

Billy in KY
What is the best way to remove bathroom floor and wall tile? Ours has the concrete & wire netting on the wall behind the tile. We are trying to hammer with a chisel, but I sure it will take a long time to do this demo.

Melvin in AL
What do I need to use to make wallpaper seams stick? This is really old paper and I’m thinking of painting over it rather than tearing the drywall. I need your help and love your show.

Beverly in IN
Every winter my ceiling, especially in the kitchen, pulls away from the walls. What do you suppose is causing this? When it warms up, it’s back to normal with the exception of the cracked wall.

Dan in LA
My pool deck is old and cracked and I would like to resurface it but do not know the best products to make it look like new.

Diane in NY
If I already have a portable dishwasher, can it be installed under the cabinets?
Jimmy in MS
One side of my toilet flange has broken and now I can’t tighten the toilet to the floor. Can this be repaired?

Gary in KY
I did a DIY sheetrock and now 6 months later the joints are cracking. The screw holes and other holes that I repaired look good. I used a standard ready-to-use joint compound. I also used a nylon stick on tape. How can I repair the joint cracks were they will not occur again?

Nancy in IA
I am wanting to paint the flat over the semi-gloss that is on drywall. In order for it to adhere, should I use Kilz or Deglosser?

Jan in SC
Is the epoxy coating appropriate for use in screened porch and/or a west facing concrete patio?

Jane in CA
I have an old home with real knotty pine paneling. I need suggestions for non-toxic cleaners to remove dirt, mold, mildew. And a conditioner…maybe lemon oil? Also a product to waterproof cement floors in a below ground apartment.

Kim in CA
I want to make a draft stopper for my door, but I’m afraid if I use rice, it will attract rodents. Could you use small pea gravel or aquarium gravel for a non-food filler that won’t be attractive to mice?

Don in MO
I have a hand hewn log that came from a barn that was constructed in the in the late 1860’s. I want to make a patio bench with it. I like the patina look but don’t want to see it disintegrate in the elements. Can I seal it without losing that aged look?

Van in CA
We live in CA and are thinking of replacing the carpet on the 2nd floor with porcelain tile. Is it too heavy?

Barbara in Ont.
I have an existing plywood (pressed wood) sub floor, 1/2″ thick. I’m installing a new tiled flooring. The contractor has removed all old flooring…cleaned it of debris…securing it by screwing it down (as existing plywood was only nailed down) then the suggested to me to screw down over the existing plywood another layer of 1/2″ plywood and then add a 1/8″ of Ditra and then tile! QUESTION: do I need to spend that extra cost of adding another layer of plywood AND the Ditra membrane??? Please advise me if this is over kill?

Shelly in OR
We had a shed built a little over 5 years ago. It is a raised steel frame with OSB sheeting for the floor. I have noticed on one end and one side around the floor edges it is wet. The corner where they join is really wet and spread more towards center. How do we determine where the water is coming from? I want to replace the OSB with pressure treated plywood. Would I need to do anything to the underside or just put it on the steel beams?


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