Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for December 27, 2014

Hour 1

Hour 2

Here are some of the highlights from the December 27, 2014, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

This week was our special Today’s Homeowner Family Christmas Show. Be sure to check out our Featured Photos page to see pictures of this week’s guests.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Deanna in OR
I’ve had my house up for sale since last spring. The feedback is consistently that people like the house, but that the driveway is too steep. Also, there is no garage or carport. Is re-grading and re-paving the only fix for a situation like this?

John in NM
I need to attach some 2×12 wood to the steps to make them shorter to make it easier to walk up the steps. What can I use to attach them to the cement?

Efrain in WA
The driveway in my house has a deep spot and holds a lot of water. That was the way it was built. My question is if I can add another layer of concrete to keep the water from ponding?


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