Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for August 25, 2018

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Will in AL
I have a brick house with vinyl soffits and aluminum flashing over the end caps of the eaves. I have several seams opening on the aluminum, and also spots where the paint has flaked off. The vinyl soffits are all discolored especially at the vent locations. How to repair, prep, and paint aluminum, and what’s the best way to bring the soffits back to life without spraying liquid into my attic space and behind flashing?

Mike in AL
We built our home 20 years ago and raised 2 boys in it. They had their own bathroom and for one reason or another, the countertop has lost its glossy finish in places. It’s a man-made top though I’m not sure of the material (it’s like coriander – the sinks are part of the top). Is there a way to resurface the top or create a glossy finish like it had when new?

Rory in FL
I saw the video on your website about a lead paint test kit. If there is Lead Paint present, how do you treat it?

Watch and Learn: How to Test for Lead Paint in Your Home

You can find out if the paint in your home contains lead with a lead paint test kit. Watch video.

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