Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for April 7, 2018

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Simple Solutions

Spade-bit planting tool – Here’s a quick tip for planting small bulbs and seedlings: Use a cordless drill and an extra-long spade bit (1 or 1½ in. dia. x 12 in. long) to bore planting holes into the ground.

Wash Your Washing Machine – Front-loading washing machines require special attention to prevent the buildup of mold, mildew, soap deposits, and odors. After each load of laundry, use a cotton cloth to wipe dry the inside of the door and its rubber gasket. Also, keep the door propped open to allow air to circulate. Some front-loaders have a latch, called a magnetic door plunge, that holds the door open an inch or so. If your machine has such a latch, use it to air out the tub.

Checking in with Chelsea

Chelsea joined us in the studio to talk about her latest Checking in with Chelsea episode on building a campaign style headboard. Check it out!

Around the Yard

Julie Day Jones has all the advice you need to keep your lawn and garden looking their best. She joins us in hour 2 with all the details. For more, be sure to visit the lawn and garden section of our website. Around the Yard is sponsored by Pavestone.

Hour 1

Kevin in PA
We need to somehow stop the constant old cement dust that we track all over every time we walk in our basement. Looking for the best solution – concerned about fumes from any sealing solutions. Thought about putting down linoleum . glue fumes too . . . need guidance! What can you tell me?

Bobby in TN
I built a bathroom & walk in closet in basement under front porch & front porch cracked in triangle shape and slab dropped slightly (about 3/4 inch at deepest). What is the best way to repair it?

Felicia in AL
How do I remove mold and mildew in my shower and bathroom?

Luanne in VA
I have plaster walls that are starting to buckle and crumble. Is it possible to install drywall over the plaster, or must the plaster be removed? I’m physically challenged and cannot do this work myself, so I must depend on contractors. Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Hour 2

Pam in PA
I have been watching you every Sunday morning before church for years. This past Sunday was exactly what I needed to update my 70s bathroom on a budget. I have those “runway” lights above a large glued mirror, so the frame solution is perfect along with a new light fixture. The biggest project is removing the grass cloth wallpaper….It peels, but leaves a veiny old glue residue. Do you have any suggestions for an easy removal before I totally tackle this? One wall meets a vaulted ceiling…Otherwise, it is a small bathroom.

Steve in ME
I’m installing a hardwood floor over a crawlspace. I’m concerned about moisture issues and wondering if not only in addition to putting poly (plastic) on the floor and up the walls of the crawlspace it would be beneficial to put poly stapled to the bottom of the floor joists that are already insulated with batt type insulation. I’m trying to do all this perhaps to not have to put a vapor barrier on top of my subfloor in the house.

Brad in WA
I have a shed that is about 8 years old, and the roof leaks. It doesn’t seem to be real bad (there is no standing water on the floor), but it seems to be rotting out the wood. It seems to leak at the seam of the two boards, and the worst is below one of the two skylights. I can’t see any problem with the shingle or skylight installation, and no difference between the two skylights, but I have no problem with the other skylight. I don’t want to tear the roof apart and replace the boards and shingles just to have the same problem. Do you have any ideas on what is causing this?

Kathryn in WV
I’m creating a home gym and was wondering what kind of hardware I need to hang four mirrors onto a brick wall? Each mirror is 36 in. wide x 60 in. long, and weighs about 30 lbs. Also, what kind of drill bits and tools do I need?


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