Shaving Cream Squirrel Solution

Squirrels can be entertaining to watch—jumping, playing, and swinging like acrobats. But, for the most part, they’re mischievous little rodents who sometimes get into, and mess up, our homes.

You need to get rid of them; but, issues of conscious aside, killing them isn’t the solution, since they might die inside your home, creating a smellier problem.

The solution, believe it not, may be shaving cream. Squirrels hate the stuff. If you have squirrels in your chimney, attic, or attacking food in bird feeders; try creating a barrier of shaving cream.

And, here’s another suggestion. While it may smell good to you, squirrels also hate the smell of after-shave lotion even more.

So if these furry little acrobats have invaded your home, don’t reach for the poison. Just give them a fragrant splash and watch them run away.


  1. We have a problem with squirrels ruining our partio covers. We are on our 3rd cover and want to find a solution to keep them away. We bought squirrel repellent and that did not help. Please give us an answer to this terrible problem in our backyard.

  2. Animal control or pest company is your last resort. They do not go away. I have so much damage to roofs, 2 homes, to fencing they ate or gnaw on. It is a nightmare. I too bought deterrent, it worked for a little while. I will try the shaving cream and lotion as stated. Keep fingers crossed.


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