How to Optimize Garages, Workshops and Sheds | Ep. 66

Dedicating a space to crafting, woodworking and automobile repairs makes all the difference when you need to focus on a particular project.

She Shed
Make your shed work for you.

But garages, workshops and sheds should be in ship-shape for optimal use. And we’ll talk about how to get them that way in this episode of the Today’s Homeowner Podcast.

Listen to learn how Chelsea repurposed old kitchen and dining-room furniture for her workshop; how to remove efflorescence from a garage floor, and a solution for your shed’s floors.

  • [01:53] Chelsea shares how she recycled kitchen cabinets for use in her workshop
  • [07:40] The best flooring for enlosing a lean-to on a storage shed
  • [12:59] Danny discusses the benefits of TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer
  • [15:40] How to deal with efflorescence (salt) on the surface of a garage floor
  • [18:54] Simple Solution: How to extend landscape lights’ life
  • [21:12] Best New Product: Ajustco barrel bolts for sagging gates
  • [22:43] DIY Project of the Week: How to screen in an existing porch
  • [26:28] Question of the Week: Danny and Joe advise on the best way to install a galvanized railing post on a new handrail

  • Simple Solution

    Fast Fix for Landscape Lights

    Low-voltage landscaping lights will often flicker or fail to light up, even if the bulb is good. Before replacing the fixture, try this: Turn off the electricity to the faulty light, remove the bulb and check for corrosion inside the socket.

    Use an emery board to lightly sand away any rust from the metal contacts. Then, spray the socket with automotive ignition sealer, which will help block out moisture and prevent future corrosion. Repeat once per year.

    Question of the Week

    Q: “We are replacing a wrought-iron handrail. The post at the top of the handrail needs to be installed on a tiled concrete porch.

    “The original railing post was core-drilled into the concrete and the tile was cut to fit and installed around the post.

    “When the old railing is removed, the tile around the post will need to be removed as well and replaced.

    “The new railing is galvanized. The railing company is suggesting that the post foot be mounted directly on the new tile rather than core-drilling directly into the concrete. What is the best way to install the new galvanized railing post?”

    A: If you can place the post into the concrete and pour epoxy around it, that’s an easy option. Also, try using Concrete Fasteners’ Large Diameter Tapcons.

    DIY Project of the Week

    How to Screen in a Porch

    This time of year, we all want to be outside, and particularly this year when we’ve all been cooped up for weeks in quarantine.

    But the warmer weather is also appealing to the bugs, so many of us find ourselves swatting mosquitos to enjoy the great outdoors.

    If you want to enclose an existing porch area with a screen to get some relief, watch this video.

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  1. This covered some interesting and related questions but I don’t see much about optimizing my garage. Is there such an article, video, etc?


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