Easy Water Spot Remover for Your Shower Door

Does your glass shower door have water spots? They’re a pain to remove, and general cleaners simply can’t do the job. Well, here’s a secret water spot remover that you may already have without realizing it!

Nobody wants to wipe their shower door every time after they use it to prevent water spots. And let’s be honest — who has the time for that?

That’s why it helps to have the right tool for regular maintenance.

I like to use a glass cleaner with a formula that contains rain repellant — like this one. (This is an affiliate link. If you purchase this product, we will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

This type of product is usually advertised for cleaning bugs and removing water spots from car or truck windshields, but that doesn’t mean it only works on these surfaces! So look in the automotive aisle if you can’t find the product near general cleaners.

Now, why does this product work over general household cleaners?

It’s because the rain repellant formula causes water to bead up and repel off the shower door. That means your glass shower enclosure will have no water spots!

Here’s how it works: Simply spray the cleaner on the glass and use a towel to wipe it off — I always use a cotton microfiber towel.

Now you have an easy water spot remover! Not only is the glass clean, but it also repels water with no spotting.

Watch the video above for more information!

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    • Elevated copper levels in your water supply interacting with your toilet bowl’s porcelain could produce blue rings.
      First, open a window for ventilation and put on some gloves and protective eyewear.
      Next, mix a cup of water and a cup of ammonia and pour it into the toilet bowl.
      Let the solution stand for 10 minutes and scrub away.
      That should solve the problem!


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