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May 10, 2023

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    Home Paramount Pest Control is a Maryland-based company that provides pest control services to a small selection of mid-Atlantic states. The company offers treatment services for common household pests, including:

    • Bed bugs
    • Termites
    • Mosquitos
    • Ticks
    • Birds
    • Wildlife

    In this Home Paramount Pest Control review, we break down everything you need to know about the company to decide if it’s the right choice for you. Below you’ll find information about Home Paramount’s services, pricing, and a sampling of customer reviews, as well as an FAQ section for quick answers to the most common questions.

    Pros and Cons of Home Paramount Pest Control


    • Has been in business for 83 years
    • One-stop shop for all your pest control needs
    • Offers packages for most common household pests


    • Only available in 9 states
    • Pricing is not available on the website

    Home Paramount Pest Control Services

    Home Paramount Pest Control provides a suite of professional-grade pest solutions aimed at both residential and commercial customers. The company’s services include specific programs for eradicating bed bugs, mosquitos, ticks, and termites, along with special packages for managing wildlife, such as squirels and birds.

    All of Home Paramount’s services come with a free consultation to help ensure you get the service you need without wondering if you chose the right plan.

    Bed Bugs

    Home Paramount’s bed bug program starts with an inspection to diagnose the severity of the problem and devise a plan to deal with your particular situation. You can request bed bug-sniffing dogs for your inspection for an additional fee, although they’re most useful in commercial settings like hotels, where finding bed bugs can be challenging.


    Once the inspection is complete, your pest control technician will recommend a course of treatment if the inspection was conclusive. Sometimes bed bug monitors must be used to confirm the presence of bed bugs. Most bed bug treatments use thermal extermination, pesticides, fumigation, encasements, or a combination that fits your budget and is appropriate for your infestation’s severity level.

    Heat Treatments

    Heat treatments are the most common and simplest bed bug treatment Home Paramount offers. Bed bugs are not resilient to heat, and temperatures of 120°F–135°F are often enough to kill adults and eggs. The company usually recommends using heat treatments together with another treatment method, although thermal treatment may be enough in mild cases. Heat treatments are only available in Baltimore Metro, Northern Virginia, Washington D.C, and Richmond Metro, so be sure to call your local Home Paramount Pest Control to check with the regional manager for local availability.


    Pesticides are also a good option for dealing with bed bugs, although some customers may prefer to avoid using chemicals wherever possible. Home Paramount recommends its pesticide treatments for businesses and large buildings like hotels, offices, retail stores, and apartments.


    Home Paramount also offers fumigation for cases where pesticides and heat treatments are infeasible. Bed bug infestations in dorms, hospitals, and museums are more difficult to deal with using other methods, and fumigation guarantees complete bed bug control. Fumigation is appropriate for removing bed bugs from soft furniture like mattresses and upholstery and also works well for treating fragile items like library books and paintings.


    Some customers may want to opt for encasements for their mattresses after treatment to prevent recurring problems. Home Paramount can install encasements for all mattress and box spring sizes as an add-on service to any of its treatment programs.

    Mosquitos and Ticks

    Mosquitos and ticks are the two most common outdoor pests in the united states, and treating your yard is essential for preventing the spread of mosquito and tick-borne illnesses. Luckily, Home Paramount offers programs to address both.


    Home Paramount has a comprehensive mosquito treatment program designed to help you and your family—including your pets—enjoy your backyard safely. The company’s mosquito plan is a three-pronged attack that will help eliminate your current mosquito problem and make your yard less likely to become a mosquito breeding ground.

    A trained professional will inspect your yard and make helpful suggestions for small changes that can make your yard less mosquito-friendly. Standing water from poor drainage or swimming pools are hot spots for mosquitos, and removing them is usually easier than most homeowners realize.

    Once your inspector has taken stock of the situation, they will treat any problem areas to interrupt the mosquito’s breeding cycle and prevent new eggs from hatching. They will also treat your yard to reduce the adult mosquito population, making your outdoor experiences more enjoyable in 24–48 hours.


    Home Paramount can treat your entire yard with CDC-recommended chemicals to kill the current tick population and make helpful suggestions for redesigning areas of your yard that likely harbor ticks. Tall grass, leaf litter, and shrubs are tick havens, and managing them can make a huge difference.


    Home Paramount also has a termite defense plan that includes soil treatments, bait traps, and prevention options that protect your home from developing a termite problem. The company’s termite control is among the best in the business, featuring the Sentricon bait system that offers a safe, environmentally-conscious alternative to traditional chemical treatments.

    The Sentricon bait system is a termite colony elimination system that sits in the ground away from your home to attract and kill termites. It’s an environmentally-friendly way to deal with termites that is safe for your family and won’t contaminate groundwater.

    For more invasive termite problems, the company also offers chemical termiticide treatments. An expert Home Paramount service technician will apply termiticide around your home’s perimeter, binding with the soil and killing termites as they burrow through the treated ground.

    Home Paramount Pest Control Availability and Locations

    Home Paramount’s headquarters is located in Forest Hill, Maryland, and the company services  Delaware, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia.

    Not all of its services are available at all locations, so be sure to contact your local branch manager to ask about the programs it offers. Bed bug heat treatments, for example, are not offered in most locations.

    Home Paramount Pest Control Cost Breakdown

    Home Paramount Pest Controls prices are competitive according to customer reviews, but, unfortunately, the company doesn’t have pricing information freely available on its website. This makes it difficult to compare with other companies, although you may be able to get a quote over the phone.

    In general, you can expect more severe infestations to be more expensive. Home Paramount’s treatments are also priced according to how many square feet need treating for mosquito and tick yard treatments and termite control programs. Item-based treatments like bed bug fumigation and heat treatments are priced depending on how many items need to be treated.

    Scheduling an Inspection with Home Paramount Pest Control 

    Before you schedule an inspection with Home Paramount Pest control, you need to be prepared with some information. The operator will need to know:

    • What kind of pests you have
    • The approximate square footage you need treated
    • Any special treatment requests (e.g. canine team, fumigation, etc.)
    • If you want to avoid chemicals and pesticides. 

    It’s ok if you don’t know the precise area you need covered since Home Paramount will do a thorough inspection before deciding on a treatment program. Your best guess is usually good enough, so don’t stress over estimating accurately.

    In some cases, you might not know what kind of pest you’re dealing with. Home Paramount has a helpful guide for identifying common pests on its website, so make sure you consult this guide before calling. You can still call Home Paramount if you aren’t sure but be prepared for service to take longer since the technician dispatched might need to obtain supplies before treating your home.

    Home Paramount Pest Control Customer Reviews

    You should consult customer reviews before deciding on a pest control company, so you have an idea of what working with a company is like. Customer reviews are the best way to gain insight into a company’s customer service practices and get a feel for what your working relationship with the company will be like. Thankfully, Home Paramount Pest Control’s eight decades of experience means there are plenty of reviews online.

    “We are very pleased with the service and the professionalism of the employees. they were very respectful and knowledgeable of what they were doing and they actually took the time to talk to us and make it a personal experience. thank you for your service and your great workers.” – Ben & Jeannine B.

    “Thank you for your service. I can’t be happier. You always come when appointments are made and the service man always ask the areas I would like to have done. He is always courteous and kind. It’s usually the same young man every month. I plan to continue my service with your company.” – Darnell J.

    “The man who came had been here before and was pleasant and courteous. He sprayed the outside, the basement, and the first floor. He asked if I wanted anything else done. That surprised me because the second and third floors were not yet sprayed. He did go to those floors but It was not obvious to me that he had feeding boxes for the attics on the third floor. Please get back to me.” Saul A. 

    Home Paramount Pest Control vs. Other Pest Control Companies

    CompanyWebsiteOur TakeBBB RatingCostPhone Number
    Home Paramount Pest Control https://www.homeparamount.com/ Best for termitesA+$$$$1-888-888-4663
    Orkinhttps://www.orkin.com/ Best emergency serviceA+$575+ per year1-877-819-5061
    Terminixhttps://www.terminix.com/ Best overallC+$550+ per year1-855-485-6300
    Ardent Pest Controlhttps://www.ardentservicing.com/ Best for maintenanceA-$$$$1-855-983-8859
    Natran Green Pest Control https://natran.com/ Best Natural Pest ControlNot rated$588+ per year281-326-9915

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, Home Paramount Pest Control is a good option for combatting termites, bed bugs, and mosquitoes, although the company’s limited operating area makes it unsuitable for most of the country. However, if you live in an area with access to a Home Paramount, the company is an excellent choice for most pest control needs. Some customer reviews indicate that Home Paramount’s prices are a bit high, although the service is outstanding and the company has an excellent track record.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Home Paramount Pest Control

    How much is Home Paramount Pest Control?

    Home Paramount Pest Control doesn’t publish pricing information on its website, so you’ll have to call the company to get an estimate. Reviews suggest that the company’s prices are above-average, although how much your treatment will cost depends on your house/yard size, the severity of your infestation, and what kind of treatment you need.

    Is Home Paramount Pest Control worth it?

    Most customer reviews are favorable, suggesting that Home Paramount is worth the extra cost compared to similar services. The company excels at termite control and prevention, making them especially worth the extra price if you’re battling termites.

    What type of pests does Home Paramount Pest Control exterminate?

    Home Paramount deals primarily with bed bugs, termites, and mosquitos, although the company also offers tick treatments, bird control, and wildlife control.

    Is Home Paramount Pest Control's method natural?

    As a rule, no. However, some of the company’s methods are natural and you can request treatments that forgo using chemicals and pesticides. Home Paramount’s expert inspectors may advise against using natural treatments if you have a particularly bad pest problem, although the choice is ultimately up to you.

    Company Information

    • Company name: Home Paramount Pest Control 
    • Company type: Private 
    • CEO: Judy Whipp (Executive Vice President)
    • Year founded: 1939
    • Headquarters: PO Box 850 Forest Hill, MD 21050-0850
    • State availability: Delaware, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia
    • BBB rating: A+


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