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May 10, 2023

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    Hawx Review

    Hawx Pest Control has provided pest extermination and prevention services since 2013. This Utah-founded company has spread to 11 other states since its inception, and the company continues to aim to provide you with a safe and pest-free home as quickly as possible. How can you know if Hawx Pest Control is available in your area? Are they the right pest control company for you and your family? Our Hawx Pest Control review can help you learn more. Read on to learn more about the company’s: 

    • Services and plans
    • Availability and locations
    • Costs and quotes
    • Scheduling an inspection with Hawx
    • Answers to some common questions you might have about Hawx Pest Control

    We’ll also help you explore additional options for pest control services to be sure that you’re working with the best company for your needs. 

    Pros and Cons of Hawx Pest Control


    • Free re-services between quarterly or bi-monthly visits if pests return
    • Direct contact through text message with your technician
    • Comprehensive Mosquito Abatement Plan
    • Provides extermination services for bed bugs


    • General service plans do not include extermination of fire ants, German cockroaches, rodents, or pollinating insects
    • Only available in select areas
    • Must refund your initial discount if you cancel your plan

    Hawx Pest Control Services

    With Hawx, you have the option of both one-time extermination services covering a wide array of pests, or you can opt to sign up for one of their treatment plans. One-time services include inspection and extermination for ants, spiders, rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, wasps, hornets, bed bugs, ticks, and wood-destroying insects.

    Ant Control

    Hawx Pest Control has tons of experience handling ant control of many species, including fire ants, sugar ants, and Argentine ants. Fire ants are especially problematic because of their aggressive nature and stinging, which can trigger allergic reactions in some people. All ant infestations, however, are unwanted and intrusive into your home.

    Hawx service technicians will come to your home, inspect the problem areas and where ants are gaining entry, and then exterminate the ant population. Hawx technicians will then instruct you on using preventive measures in your home, such as weather-stripping tape around doors and windows to close up any small spaces and clearing away any loose debris and vegetation from your yard. They will also place preventive pesticides in and around your home to keep the ants away.

    Spider Control

    Hawx offers a wide array of spider elimination and prevention techniques, all dependent upon the type of spiders you have in your home. This can range from banana spiders, brown recluses, tiny house spiders, daddy longlegs, wolf spiders, black widows, or anything and everything in between. Hawx knows how to get rid of your spider problem, whether you live in Austin, Indianapolis, or Salt Lake City.

    You can choose to get a quarterly spider control plan, which involves Hawx returning to your property once every three months or every other month to spray pesticides and inspect to ensure the spiders have not returned. While there are a few steps you can take to discourage spiders from setting up camp in your home, if you notice an increase in your home’s spider population, call Hawx as soon as possible so they can treat your home again.

    Cockroach Control

    According to hawxpestcontrol.com, Hawx service providers will set up a cockroach control plan specially tailored to your home and needs. Hawx Pest Control offers comprehensive elimination and prevention for cockroach invaders in your home or business. Because they know cockroach biology and behavior, Hawx technicians can make sure to deter cockroaches from entering your home or business again. It’s always recommended to have regular service visits so that Hawx can inspect to make sure the problem stays away.

    Rodent Control

    Mice and rats are the rodents included in Hawx’s Rodent Control Plan. They are some of the most dangerous pests because they are disease carriers, and humans can get these diseases from their urine, feces, or rodent bites. Rats and mice can structurally damage your walls and ceilings and contaminate your food. 

    This is why Hawx Pest Control will first eliminate your current rodent population and prevent them from returning to your home. This Rodent Control Plan, like Hawx’s other plans, is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If the rodents return even after treatment, Hawx will send an exterminator to remove the problem even between scheduled visits, free of charge.

    Stinging Insect Control

    The insects included in this plan are mainly wasps and hornets. These are extremely tricky to remove yourself, which is why if you notice you have a stinging insect infestation, the safest move is to call in the professionals. Hawx Pest Control has the right equipment, chemicals, and experience to handle a delicate situation like a full wasp nest or hornet hive. This is especially crucial if anyone in your family or any of your neighbors are allergic to stinging insects — these could pose a serious health threat along with painful stings and should be handled as soon as possible.

    Termite and Wood-Destroying Insect Control

    Termites cause the most damage to your home out of any pest mentioned on this list. The first step is to have a termite inspection. These home-destroying pests will not usually be visible on the surface (although you may encounter their sawdust-like frass, or droppings). They will likely be under your house, in the wooden framing, or somewhere dark and moist. Hawx can find these pests at their source so they can be exterminated before causing further damage to your home.

    Even if you don’t have a current termite infestation, Hawx recommends that you call a termite inspector every three to five years to stay on top of these pesky wood-eaters. Hawx also performs termite prevention services as part of the Termite Control Plan so that you can rest easy these invaders will stay away.

    Carpenter ants are another contender in the wood destruction category. Hawx can make sure that these and termites cannot survive in your home and will not return.

    Tick and Bed Bug Control

    Both ticks and bed bugs pose major health risks to humans. Ticks can carry Lyme disease, among other illnesses, and both pests are parasites that bite humans. These creepy critters are about as repulsive as it gets, which is why Hawx has plans to remove them from your home for good. It can be notoriously difficult to deal with a bed bug infestation yourself, which is why you can rely on Hawx’s experience and equipment to do the job.

    Mosquito Abatement Plan

    Hawx Pest Control has one of the most comprehensive mosquito eradication plans on the market — the Mosquito Abatement Plan. Each plan is customized to your home and yard, and each plan focuses on eradicating mosquitoes on your property and then preventing them from returning. Hawx sprays moist and water-dense areas with mosquito fogger, which then destroys the adults and their nests and prevents the eggs from hatching.

    Hawx will regularly return to your property with this plan to make sure the mosquito population stays minimal and that you and your family are protected from these irritating, bloodsucking fiends.

    General Pest Control Plans

    Hawx offers quarterly and bi-monthly (six times a year) plans for seasonal pest control. They will first inspect your home to determine your specific needs and provide different chemical treatments throughout the year depending on which pests are most prevalent during those seasons.

    After the initial service, if you notice a rise in pests of any kind before it’s time for Hawx to return, they will do a re-service free of charge. It’s all part of their customer satisfaction guarantee. Hawx takes pride in its services and name, so it’s important that you are satisfied with the lack of pests on your property. If you need general rodent, bed bug, and fire ant control, an extra fee is added to the General Pest Control Plan.

    Hawx Pest Control Availability and Locations

    Hawx Pest Control was founded in 2013 in Ogden, Utah. It has since spread to more than 23 cities in 11 more states, including Houston, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Riverside, Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, Dallas, Tallahassee, Phoenix, Baton Rouge, and several more. You can easily check their homepage to see if they service a city near you. Although Hawx doesn’t have as widespread availability as other pest control services, they are growing and adding offices across the country, so even if they’re not in your area, they may arrive soon. 

    Hawx Pest Control Cost Breakdown

    Hawx’s costs are straightforward. For a General Pest Control Plan mentioned above, and for an average-sized home, the initial treatment costs around $350, including detailed inspections. Even though the plans are quarterly or bi-monthly, you are charged $50 per month after the initial fee. You can get a plan discount of $150 off your annual total. However, if you cancel your plan before it’s completed, you must reimburse Hawx for that $150 discount.

    Scheduling an Inspection with Hawx Pest Control 

    When reaching out to Hawx Pest Control, you can either use their phone number, (888) 372-9514, or use their contact form on the website hawxpestcontrol.com. For the contact form, they will need:

    • Your first and last name
    • Your phone number
    • Your email
    • Your ZIP Code
    • Home size and type
    • Credit card information, if you choose to pay that way
    • Dates available for the initial inspection

    There is not a space for your potential pest problem because of the General Pest Control Plan, which provides prevention and inspection whether you have a current issue or not. However, if you have a current infestation and need immediate one-time treatment, you can still schedule an appointment by phone or contact request form. 

    Hawx Pest Control Customer Reviews

    Customer testimonials provide you with an uncensored look at the type of service quality you can expect from the pest control company you work with. Reading reviews from past customers provides a more in-depth description of what each company does well and where it needs to be improved.

    Reviews of Hawx Pest Control seem to be mixed, especially by location. In particular, it seems that training for each location can vary significantly in quality. Nearly all of the customers who had a great experience with Hawx said that their technician was friendly, on schedule, and called before providing home services to their client. Perplexingly, negative reviewers seemed to have the opposite experience — the most common complaint from previous Hawx Pest Control customers was that their technician didn’t do a thorough job on their property. This discrepancy likely has to do with local training efficiency and hiring practices. In the future, Hawx Pest Control can improve its community relations by streamlining training practices.

    [My technician] was really good on asking for the better time for my services and also really on time. Provided really good advice about my baby and dog inside the house after the service. — Arnolodo A.

    It is sad that I’m stuck with this company who spent less than 10 minutes spraying a 2500 sq ft home inside and out. No doors were opened to spray in and the overall attitude of the employee was not only lazy but not interested.  Paula J.

    Hawx Services vs. Other Pest Control Companies

    CompanyWebsiteOur TakeBBB RatingCostPhone Number
    Terminix Click hereBest OverallB+$550 to $700866-981-1210
    OrkinClick hereBest Emergency ServiceA+~$575877-544-4104
    HawxClick hereBest Localized Pest ControlA-$700 to $900855-908-0610
    TruGreenClick hereBest Lawn Pest ControlA+$140 to $840866-817-2172

    Final Thoughts

    Hawx Pest Control can be a reliable choice if you live in one of the areas where it provides service, especially because the company offers bilingual lawn care technicians. While we’d love to see Hawx Pest Control streamline and standardize its training across locations, Hawx’s locations provide extermination services for an impressive range of pests. The company’s text messaging feature is also particularly useful for residents scheduling services on the go. Just read your contract thoroughly first, as complaints about cancellation frustrations and fees are common. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hawx Pest Control

    Is Hawx Pest Control worth it?

    If you are dealing with any of these issues (termites, bed bugs, rodents, wasps, ants, etc.) on your own, especially as a homeowner, you need help from professionals who can eradicate these dangerous pests for good. If you want effective and thorough pest services, Hawx is here to help and definitely worth the monthly subscription.

    How much does Hawx Pest Control cost?

    This depends on the size of your home and the treatment plan you sign up for. The price is usually between $700 to $900 per year, but it’s still best to get your own specific quote when looking into the services, as you may not have to pay quite that much. Keep in mind that the cancellation fee for ending an annual subscription early is to reimburse Hawx for the $150 sign up discount you receive when beginning a plan with them.

    How do I contact a Hawx service technician?

    You can either text your technician or call your local Hawx office directly to communicate about any issues that may arise. You can also chat online with a representative at any time if you would prefer to skip telephone communication.

    Are German cockroaches included in the General Pest Control Plan?

    Unfortunately, no. You need to sign up for the Cockroach Control Plan or add an extra fee to your General Pest Control Plan in order to eliminate German cockroaches (the fastest breeding cockroaches).

    Company Information

    • Company name: Hawx Pest Control 
    • Company type: Pest control services
    • CEO: Scott Wilson
    • Year founded: 2013
    • Headquarters: Ogden, Utah
    • State availability: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin
    • BBB rating: A-


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