Everyone likes to be on trend or keep up with the proverbial “Joneses,” but in many cases, being on trend can not only boost your home’s curb appeal but potentially increase its value.

1. Big, Bold Windows – and lots of them!

A good rule of thumb in real estate refurbishing, rehabbing, and updating is that thoughtful and well constructed improvements boost the value of your home. Adding windows can be a major construction undertaking but could result in a major increase in value should you decide to sell in the future. If it is indeed your forever home, a fresh start with new or improved windows and treatments could be just the right way for you (and your neighbors) to fall in love with your home again. If cutting out big sections of your walls isn’t something that sounds appealing to you, why not try a fresh new coat of paint on the sills that contrasts with the rest of your home’s paint color? Or adding in a different pane style, curtains, sills, lighting… So many opportunities to refresh your windows.

2. Paint it Black

Yes. You read that right. You used to have to go to cities like San Francisco and Portland to see a house with black paint. Not anymore. Black is on the rise with its many shade options and its super chic modern look.

The opportunities to mix and match are endless with dark colors. The above home with white trim immediately stands out among the nature that surrounds it. It’s a BOLD STROKE that’s for sure but time and time again its the unique homes that take risks that stand out. If you’re nervous about painting it ALL black think about just painting a section of it. It would add a unique flair to an otherwise typical home.

black and white house real estate shelhamer

Talk with your favorite paint supplier and check out all the different shades and textures that are available. You may want to stay away from Musou Black though… you DO want people to see your home.

3. Landscape with Native Plants

Wherever your home’s foundation sits, it sits on a place where your local flora and fauna grew. Most people enjoy the look of short and crisp green grass but it is likely that that grass is not native to your climate. Therefore, it requires irrigation and constant upkeep along with any other non-native plant life you may have. Native landscaping is a popular new trend that makes your home look fantastic and be much more sustainable. Using less water is something we can all get on board with and it will save you 50% of what you’re currently paying towards irrigation.

Using native plants to accent your front or back yard makes your home look like it belongs. And since most homes still go for the green grass look, your home will look unique. If you want to learn more about native plant gardens and landscape visit your local horticultural society or arboretum for inspiration. They may be able to provide insight on selection, placement, and care.

4. Add a Porch, Pergola, or Unique Shade

Perhaps you have a great back or front yard but you don’t enjoy it as much as you should. Adding a unique shade or pergola will make you feel much more comfortable outside during the summer and serve as a distinct point of style. There are hundreds of options for pergolas from traditional to ultra modern, see both below. Choose whatever fits the style of your home and complements it well. Porches and pergolas could be a large undertaking and you would be correct in thinking you should hire a licensed contractor to make sure everything is on the up and up. If you’re looking for a more affordable and DIY option, try structural shades or a ready-to-mount awning. They can instantly add a sense of style to your exterior.



5. Fencing

Define your property in every sense by adding a unique fence or gate. It’s often the first thing people will notice about a house. Whether it tall and opaque for privacy and security or low and slatted for showing off your yard a fence can add serious value to your home. Before you hire a contractor do make sure to check your property lines with the city so you don’t accidentally encroach on your neighbors property. Once you know everything is copacetic – the fence world is your oyster. You can look for inspiration around your neighborhood or city or take to online sources such as Pinterest.

In Conclusion

In the wonderful world of home improvement the exterior is probably the most important thing to get right. After all, it is the first impression for you and others. Design innovation is constantly changing and can be a hassle to keep up with. Make your home your hobby and keep reading for inspiration. Trust your personal style and know your home well when deciding how to improve your exteriors. It should feel like your home after all! As always, make sure you have a licensed contractor with a great track record and run everything through the city, (and HOA if you’re part of one), to make sure you don’t end up with liens or cloudy titles. Now get out there and paint it black! If you want to…

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