How to Paint Walls

How to Paint a Room

This is the second in a three-part series on interior painting in your home:

Once the room has been prepped (See Interior Painting Preparation), mix several gallons of paint together in a five gallon bucket. This is known as “boxing” paint because it allows an entire four gallon box of paint to be mixed together at the same time.

Boxing the paint.

Use a brush to paint around the windows, doors, baseboard, and ceiling before rolling the walls. A high quality roller cover makes the work go faster and can result in a big difference in the finished job. While lambskin covers cost twice as much as those made from synthetic fibers, they hold more paint and are worth the extra cost. Choose a roller cover with 1/2” to 3/4” nap, since they hold more paint than smooth covers.

Trimming the walls.

Professional painters often work straight out of a five gallon bucket by hooking a roller screen over the rim. Face the roller screen toward you, and load the roller with plenty of paint. Start at a corner of the room and work away from it. Once the bulk of the paint is off the roller, work back over the section you have just done to even the paint out.

Roller screen on five gallon bucket.


  1. This video reinforced what i have been trying to tell my son. By mixing the 4 gallons together you are guarenteed a uniform color as no two gallons are the same…..Thanks

  2. When I paint Iuse to cut in frist and it would leave a lighter color than the rolled , I even would turn the roller side ways and get close to the ceiling. I now roll frist then cut in with a inch or inch and half brush, recommended by an Sherwin Willims employee and it works great. How do you quote rooms and hole houses? I’m getting into painting for living and any info would help. Thank You so much Randy Dill


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