Paint Zoom Product Review

Use: High Volume Low Pressure paint sprayer.
Cost: $99.99 + $19.95 S&H = $119.94 total
Rating: ★★★★☆

In this product review, we’re taking a look at the Paint Zoom paint sprayer for your home. The Paint Zoom is a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer which means it uses a large volume of air at low pressure, rather than a small amount of air at high pressure to atomize the paint. HVLP sprayers tend to produce less overspray and use less paint than standard high pressure paint sprayers.

The first step in testing the Paint Zoom was to thin the paint with the supplied viscosity cup to the proper thickness so it would flow through the sprayer. Next, we tried spraying a wall with the Paint Zoom, and found it did a good job of covering with little overspray.

Some of the parts on the Paint Zoom appeared to be cheaply made, and it may not hold up well over time. However, in our test the Paint Zoom worked well. Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: Okay, it’s time to do a little painting, and any product that can speed that process up is a good one. Especially for my friend Tom, who owns a number of rental houses and we’ll see if spraying can kind of speed that process up. Tom, I found this thing online and on television called the Paint Zoom. You’ve probably seen it.

Tom Blizzard: I saw the commercial.

Danny Lipford: And, of course, I’m always wondering if something like this works, but what a great place to try it out right now.

Tom Blizzard: Well, I’m ready. You ready to put it together?

Danny Lipford: Yeah, let’s see what happens.

Danny Lipford: The Paint Zoom is a high volume low pressure, or HVLP sprayer. That means it uses a motor much like a vacuum cleaner to blow air through a tube and siphon the paint out of a cup on the bottom of the spray gun. For that to work, the paint or stain has to be fairly thin. And that seems to be our biggest challenge. This funnel cup comes with the kit so you can determine if the paint is thin enough, by clocking the time it takes to drain. I’m ready. Go.

Tom Blizzard: Go?

Danny Lipford: Pick it up, yeah. I gonna go get a cup of coffee. I’ll be back in a minute.

Tom Blizzard: This may need some thinning.

Danny Lipford: After a few trials we get it thin enough.

Tom Blizzard: I think we’re good.

Danny Lipford: That Tom can test it out on some scrap cardboard. All right. Let’s do a little test then. Then we take turns putting the sprayer through its paces.

Tom Blizzard: Now make sure you try all the way around the sides.

Danny Lipford: And in the process, knock out a good chunk of Tom’s painting chores. Well, I’ll tell you what. I’m really surprised, because I’ve used a lot of sprayers before and that one’s pumping’ out the paint, you got a good spray pattern. Um, now you probably could have painted that almost the same, same time with using a roller. But if you’re spraying something like you’re spraying cabinets, or spraying a lot of doors and things like that, you can get that nice. You know, more of a smooth finish than you would have with a brush.

Tom Blizzard: That’s what I was gonna say, get a real even coat. And this wall’s textured a little bit so I’m thinking I might try it on this popcorn ceiling.

Danny Lipford: Yeah, that’s a good idea. All right, well, you got a whole house to do. Let me know how it turns out.

Tom Blizzard: You’re not gonna stick around?

Danny Lipford:Oh, no, no. You’re on your own. At $100, plus shipping, the Paint Zoom is comparably priced with other similar sprayers. Some of the parts appear to be a little cheaply made.  And it may not be ideal for every painting chore, but it does work well. So, we’re giving it a four out of five rating.


  1. Thanks for the review and demonstration! It’s nice to see a real person use it. It obviously does not work with one-coat coverage as demonstrated on TV, but it still looks like a decent little product. I am curious to know if you used it to do the whole house or if it was more hassle than it was worth with such a straightforward project.

  2. Decent review, but did not see enough time on thinning the paint. I don’t think it is as easy as you make it seem to be.

  3. After all I’ve read. I will not be buying Paint Zoom. More customers should read reviews, prior to purchade. Especially, when it’s shared that no one has called. to assist with issues. Those commercials are not cheap. Neither is Paint Zoom.

  4. I was given a Paint Zoom as a present. It sprays fine but after 30 seconds of use the motor gets extremely hot and scalds ones skin. Cannot pick it up. I reckon if it runs for under a full minute the cladding will melt. Totally unusable.


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