Spray Guns for Painting Your Home

When painting large surfaces, such as the outside of a home, you can save time by using a paint sprayer. Keep in mind that overspray from a sprayer can drift, so be sure to move or cover items like cars or boats.

Sprayers that are available to rent or buy at home centers or tool rental stores include:

  • Professional airless paint sprayer (rent: $50-$75/day, buy: $600-$900)
  • Consumer paint sprayer (buy: $60-$100)
  • Textured ceiling hopper gun (rent: $25/day, buy: $80 plus air compressor)

Watch this video to find our more.


  1. Dan – I was wondering how you compare the HVLP WAGNER CONTROL MAX SPRAYER GERMAN MADE – TO THE PAINT ZOOM – MADE IN CHINA – as far as overall quality and the workablity and actual finish results and longevity? Any article – comments or reviews? I’ve had a few of the WAGNER ELECTRIC SPRAYER – BUT MAINLY USE AIRLESS OR THE HVLP WITH COMPRESSORS AND REGULATORS. I’ve been thinking about getting either the HVLP zoom or the Wagner for a friend!

  2. My family and I are moving and 99.9% of the pictures show that we will be painting several rooms. After that I would like to use as a woodworker. We live on Social Security so I’m hoping to get one machine.

    Thank y’all for all the great programs and online material.

  3. What kind of paint spray gun do you and your daughter use is like to get my uncle one but need to know the kind and the brand please

    • Hi, Janice! We use HomeRight’s Finish Max HVLP sprayer for many projects.
      It has minimal overspray and gives professional results. 🙂


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