How To Paint a Metal Door | Ep. 125

Pouring paint from can to tray
Using a good quality latex paint is a great choice when painting a metal door.
  • [0:00]: Here’s what’s coming up on this week’s Today’s Homeowner Podcast.
  • [1:28]: Remove painted-over wallpaper without damaging the wall
  • [5:24]: Solutions for air seeping through the back of your cabinets without damaging the backsplash
  • [9:52]: Home Depot Best New Product: Google Nest Thermostat
  • [12:07]: Chelsea Lipford Wolf joins Danny and Joe to talk about the latest edition of Checking in with Chelsea
  • [19:15]: How to mold-proof your awning without destroying it
  • [21:00]: How to fix steps with Polymer Modified Structural Repair from Quikrete
  • [22:32]: Tips for maintaining a painted deck
  • [28:14] Simple Solution: An easy way to deliver plant food or fertilizer to a hard-to-get-to plant base
  • [ 31:25] Question of the Week: What is the best process and paint to use for my metal door?

Metal doors used to be quite popular. Essentially, there is a skin on each side filled with foam — making the metal door quite lightweight and durable.

But what is a quality-choice metal door paint to add to your curb appeal? That’s what many folks wonder, because when the sun heats up the metal door, it is hard to keep paint on the door.

The solution is to use latex paint — it’s quite beneficial because of the elasticity of the latex.

Most recently, we found a metal door paint that is of good quality. Modern Masters has a latex paint called Never-Fade Front Door paint that is perfect for painting your metal door.

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Simple Solutions

Fertilizing Hard-to-Reach Plants — Fertilizing thick shrubs, bushes or other dense plants can be difficult because you can’t easily reach the base of the plant.

Here’s how to simplify that chore: Take a length of 2-inch-diameter PVC pipe and cut it to 5 feet long; trim one end to 45 degrees, square-cut the other end.

Now, stand close to the plant and slide the square-cut end down to the base of the plant. Pour the fertilizer down the pipe through the 45-degree end; the angle-cut end creates a larger, easy-pour opening.

The pipe can also be used to water thick, dense plants.

EZ Dusting Wand — Make a handy dusting wand out of a wire hanger and white cotton sock.

Hold the hook part of the hanger in one hand, and use the other hand to pull on the long, horizontal part of the hanger, straightening it into a semi-oval shape.

Next, slip a white cotton sock over the wand, then spray it with Pledge.

You’re now ready to wipe the dust off shelves, tabletops, ceiling-fan blades, between radiators, and other hard-to-clean spots.

Question of the Week

Q: What is the best process and paint to use for my metal door?

A: What you don’t want to use is metal paint on the metal door. First, clean the door really well with warm, soapy water.

Once it’s dry, sand it with 20-grit sandpaper and remove the dust.

Next, prime any areas exposed and seal it; paint the door with 2-3 thin coats of latex paint.

We recommend a high-quality 100% house and trim paint with a glossy finish!

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