Whether to Use a Brush or Roller When Painting Paneling

What’s the best way to paint wall paneling, with a brush or a roller? -Ella

Hi Ella,
If the grooves in the paneling are deep, it’s best to use both a brush and roller when painting wall paneling. Start by painting the grooves with a 1” wide brush, then roll the paneling using a short (1/4”) nap roller.

If the paneling has very shallow grooves, you may be able to use a roller alone. It might require a bit longer nap on the roller to get down in the grooves, however, which will give the surface a more textured look.

Be sure to lightly sand the paneling before painting to dull any gloss on the finish. After wiping off any sanding dust with a damp rag, apply a coat of stain blocking primer, followed by two coats of wall paint.

Good luck with your project,


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  1. What nap length roller should I use to get texture on paneling with shallow grooves? Ive also heard you can joint compound all over for an all over textured effect with no lines. What do you think? Thank you!


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