Get Your Home Ready for Summer

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Summer is right around the corner, with plenty of warm weather and sunshine on the way. But along with the welcome change in the weather are harmful UV rays from the sun that can damage outdoor wood surfaces and sweltering heat that can run your utility bill through the roof.

But never fear, we’ve got you covered with three great ways to protect your home from the sun’s rays and lower your utility bill during the long summer days ahead.

Protect Wood Outdoors

From furniture and decks to fences and siding, wood adds a touch of understated natural beauty to the exterior of your home. Wood also takes a lot of abuse from rain, snow, and sun.

Deck stained with Flood stain.
Deck stained with Flood wood stain.

To protect the wood on your home from the elements and keep it looking good, it’s important to stain wood surfaces with a quality exterior wood finish, such as CWF-UV® from Flood.

Flood CWF-UV is an oil-based finish that penetrates and protects wood against moisture and damage from the sun’s UV rays. It penetrates deep into the wood to protect it from the inside out, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Flood CWF-UV is available in four different shades that add minimal color and retain the beauty of the natural wood. It can be applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer and dries in 24 to 48 hours.

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Window Replacement

Replacing drafty single pane windows with insulated, double pane vinyl windows is a great way to save energy, reduce noise, and improve the look of your home.

Window World windows.
Window World windows.

Choosing replacement windows which have a Low-E coating allows you to save even more on cooling bills this summer by reducing solar heat gain through the glass by as much as 58%.

The job of replacing your windows is best left to professional installers, such as those at Window World—America’s largest window replacement company.

Window World has over 200 store locations across the country and their windows come with a limited lifetime warranty, professional insulation, and a guaranteed low price.

Window World windows are Energy Star certified and have earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal, as well as recognition from J.D. Power.

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Attic Insulation

Another way to reduce your utility bills, both summer and winter, is to make sure your attic has plenty of insulation.

Roxul stone wool insulation.
Roxul stone wool insulation.

The Department of Energy recommends that homes have insulation in their attic with an R-value of between R-38 and R-49, or approximately 10” to 15” of insulation, depending on the type used.

While there are many materials used for insulation, stone wool insulation is a great choice, since it’s fire resistant, water repellent, and resists both mold and mildew.

Roxul stone wool insulation is made from natural stone and recycled materials. It has a higher density than many other types of insulation, making it a good barrier to noise both inside and outside your home.

Roxul stone wool insulation is easy to cut and comes in 16” and 24” widths and 3½” (R16), 5½” (R23), and 7¼” (R30) thicknesses.

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  1. Great tips. Another thing that I feel can be overlooked in the summer is a good insulated and well fitting entry door. A well insulated door can help keep the house cool as well as keep cool air in the home just as much as it can keep your house warm in the winter. Just another idea to add to the list:).


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