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How to Deal with Snow in Your Yard

In most cases, snow is nothing to fear in the garden, but heavy buildup can cause damage. Here's what you need to know about dealing with it.
Baby chicks

Chick Season!

Ever been driving along, minding your own business when you see something so exciting you swerve off the road? You know, like a yard sale in a rich neighborhood, or a burning building, or the “Hot Doughnuts NOW” sign. Well, one of those exciting moments for me comes during the arrival of baby chicks. Read on to find out more.
Rose blossom.

Winterizing Roses Using the “Minnesota Tip”

Many cultivated varieties of roses are not hardy below 10º- 20º F. To preserve the splendor of the rose garden, many gardeners are brave enough to try a technique called the “Minnesota Tip.” Using this method, the entire plants are actually tipped over and buried.
Danny Lipford uses snow blower during winter

How to Safely Use Your Snow Blower

Operating a snow blower, or snow thrower, may look fun, but safety is important. Follow these tips to prevent harm to you or the machine.


Cell phone charging station made from empty plastic bottle plugged into wall outlet.

Plastic Bottle Cell Phone Charging Station

Watch this video to find out how to make a homemade cell phone charging station from an empty plastic bottle.
Air conditioner unit outside

How to Reduce Air Conditioning Energy Costs for Your Home

Watch this video for some simple tips on ways to reduce your energy bills, such as installing tinted film, adding awnings, or planting shade trees on the sunny side of your house.
cutting boards

Easy Storage for Cutting Boards and Cookie Sheets

With these storage ideas, you can organize your kitchen cabinets in no time!
Closeup, overhead view of a toilet, mid-flush, as cash goes down the drain

How to Fix a Running Toilet

Wondering how to fix a running toilet? Watch this video to learn the two best methods: replacing the flapper valve or adjusting the water level in the tank.

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Why You Should Recycle Coffee Grounds for Gardening

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