Easy to Use Mortar Repair Mix in a Bag

Quikrete Zip & Mix FastSet Repair Mortar makes repairing mortar joints and concrete easy. Simply add water to the resealable bag, knead for a few minutes, and spread with the spreading tool.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Brian, I’ll tell you what, we get so many questions about concrete and mortar repair. You guys have something here to make it a little easier, I understand.

Brian Brown: We do. We have taken one of our commercial grade products and put it into a much more user-friendly packaging.

Danny Lipford: Wow! I love the whole Ziploc bag, you’ve got the repair putty knife right there on the side. How does it work?

Brian Brown:  Simply zip open the top, go ahead and pull the bag open. You’re going to take 10 ounces of clear water. Pour this into the bag.

Danny Lipford: Doesn’t have to be bottled water, does it?

Brian Brown: No. Doesn’t have to be. As long as it’s clean cool water.

Danny Lipford: All right.

Brian Brown: Zip it closed. Then you want to take the bag and simply knead it for two to three minutes, until it’s a lump-free consistency, and this is going to activate the material. This is a very high-strength, rapid-setting product. It’s polymer modified. So it has a bonding agent that will bond.

Danny Lipford: Is that right? That means a lot. But people would love this because you’re not getting your hands dirty.

Brian Brown: Right. Right. You can see how clean it is here. So as long as that is fully mixed, and you zip the bag open, you can work right out of the bag.

Danny Lipford: Okay, let me give it a little try here. All right. Perfect. Okay, I see what you mean.

Brian Brown: And you can build this up and shape it and sculpt it as it’s put in place.

Danny Lipford: All right. I mean, so many people have those broken, you know, concrete steps on the front of their house. And that’s very workable.


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