A More Colorful, Functional Family Room

In this episode, we’re tackling the family room of Chelsea’s mid-century home.

We recently finished upgrading her home with smart technology and energy-efficient features where we added insulation to the attic and crawlspace, voice-controlled light switches and even installing a smart deadbolt. You can catch up on those projects here!

Chelsea can begin to make her family room fit for her family and match the rest of her home!

Fireplace in Chelsea Lipford Wolf's mid-century home.
Before, the fireplace in Chelsea’s home was not functional to the space so we got rid of it!

Removing the Fireplace and Carpet

While everyone loves a fireplace, this one in Chelsea’s home unfortunately does not function.

The home doesn’t have a chimney and the logs are not real. So, we’re going for practicality and removing it!

Dismantled fireplace in Chelsea Lipford Wolf's mid-century home
By removing the faux fireplace, Chelsea can use the space for an entertainment center!

To patch the hole up, we’re using Purple XP Drywall that’s both mold and moisture resistant. (This is an affiliate link. If you purchase this product, we will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

The carpet is also worse for the wear, so we’re removing that too. We found that there are beautiful hardwood floors beneath the carpet and makes the space look finished!

Built in book case made by Chelsea Lipford Wolf.
The built-in bookcases Chelsea made add more storage space to the room as well as making the space comfortable.

Custom Built-in Bookcases

Chelsea’s husband Brandon loves to read and has a collection of books. These built-ins are a perfect addition to store Brandon’s books, as well as other personal items. Chelsea added some fun wallpaper as a pop of color to make them stand out more.

We lay them out side-by-side to assemble them using a framing square to make sure one side is exactly like the other. We even got some help from Chelsea’s kids, Gus and Mary Helen!

Art piece in Chelsea Lipford Wolf's mid-century home made by her kids
This special art piece made by Chelsea’s kids adds a personal touch to the living room!

Artwork Made by Chelsea’s Kids

Chelsea wanted to add some artwork to the space to really tie the room together, but couldn’t find anything she really liked.

So instead, she adds a personal touch by having her three children make a custom piece of art for their home. It’s a fun art project for the kids and a sentimental piece to make this room centered around family.

Chelsea Lipford Wolf in her newly renovated living room
Another successful renovation for Chelsea’s mid-century home!

Production Thoughts

Before, the interior of Chelsea’s home was beige and a bit bland. But it’s a great size and has plenty of natural light.

Beyond this, the room was pretty dated. The curtains blocked some natural light and the dysfunctional fireplace was a waste of space.

Chelsea Lipford Wolf's family room before the makeover.
Chelsea’s family room was beige and not her style, so we added elements to make the space more ‘her’.

Now, the room is lighter, brighter and much more ‘Chelsea’! The new wall color reflects the natural light coming in through the window and the hardwood floors add character. And the custom grid ceiling and built-ins add charm and warmth to the space.

Another renovation closer to closing the book on Chelsea’s Ranch Revival and it fits Chelsea’s family perfectly!

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  1. Chelsea I just adored how you daughter talk her brother we need to talk . He wanted her to play a game and she was helping pop pop and mommy glue up the bookcases , She came back and made a compromise with him she will help you first and play the game after she is done . Now that is the way you raise children . I remember both my sons helping remodel our fixer uppers when they were little and also helping build their own playhouses in the yard . Even helping build a swing set , I miss those days as as both my sons are grown 1 is 47 and the other is 36 years old now so enjoy this times because they go faster than you think .I will soon be married 49 years and that went fast also . I just love your remodel of your new home and watching your children grow . I remember watching you grow up on the show your father had back then , so full circle

    • Glad you enjoyed this episode, Betty! Thanks for sharing your feedback with our entire team.
      That was a nice exchange between Mary Helen and Gus. 🙂

  2. I too enjoy the learning experience and the back and forth between Father and daughter . Seems no obstacle will be too tough to handle

  3. I LOOOVE a fireplace, it almost broke my heart that Chelsea had to tear it down, but I will just have to get over it. I get so many ideas when she does a makeover.


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