How to Install the Rain Bird Sprinkler Smart Controller

If you like smart home technology, you may want to look into getting a smart irrigation controller. In this demonstration, we’re installing a Rain Bird sprinkler system in Chelsea’s mid-century home.

This module connects to your home’s wireless network, so you can control it on an app via any compatible mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

And installation couldn’t be easier!

How to Install the Rain Bird Sprinkler Controller

Each of the unit’s multi-colored, low-voltage wires controls the valves in each zone of the sprinkler system. So it’s important to know where everything goes to ensure it works properly.

But you don’t have to memorize these locations. Instead, try this trick: Before you remove your old sprinkler controller, take a picture of the wiring. You’ll use it in a few minutes!

Next, remove the old control panel and mount the new one as directed. Start by reconnecting the wires, using the photo you took as a reference. Match each numbered lug with the right color.

After you’ve connected the wires in accordance with the old connections, download the Rain Bird app and follow the prompts to connect the controller to your Wi-Fi.

Making Your Sprinklers Smarter

You can manage the sprinkler controller with your phone from anywhere at any time! This allows you to make adjustments to the irrigation schedule if the forecast calls for showers, or schedule irrigation while you’re out of state, on vacation.

The Rain Bird sprinkler also has in-app features that let you create a schedule for your lawn based on its needs. So you have peace of mind whether you’re at home, away from the house or on vacation.

Want to know what makes this system even smarter? It gives you suggestions to save water that you will actually use. This saves you money on your water bill!

Whether you’re already fond of smart technology or are looking to incorporate it into your home, this sprinkler system is worth checking out.

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  1. I have an E9 Class Controller and the display box where the date, time, etc. show up is very dim. I can barely read the numbers or letters. I have reset the controller with the screwdriver connecting the two metal spots in the recesses reset area. I then re programmed the controller (the display is again very dim) When I run the test mode the sprinkler start up and runs for approximately 10 seconds then shuts down and the display box goes completely blank until I hit the reset with the screwdriver again. This process is repeated numerous time. My question is: Is the controller box no longer any good and needs to be replaced or am I doing something wrong or in the wrong order? Please respond via email or even a text message to 406-661-9501, or through messenger. Thank you


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