How to Install a Custom Grid Ceiling

A custom grid ceiling is a perfect way to add subtle flair to any room — and here’s how to build and install one!

Note: If the room you’re adding the grid ceiling to has crown molding, you’ll need to remove it before beginning this project.

Around the ceiling’s perimeter, attach a 1-by-4 board a few inches from the wall. The crown molding will cover this gap after the project is complete.

Determining how big or small you want the squares of your grid is entirely up to you. In this video, the grid is centered on the ceiling fan in the center of the room. From here, the surrounding squares or rectangles should be completely symmetrical.

Next, mark the edges of the 1-by-4 boards with a chalk line tool stretched across the room. Then install the boards in one direction with Titebond Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive and finishing nails.

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Note: Using a construction adhesive is important. You never know if the nails will hit a joist!

Once this is done, fill in your grid going the opposite direction. Be sure each board is cut tightly so the boards slide right in!

The last step is to reinstall the crown molding to complete the look.

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