True Temper Poly Wheelbarrow with Total Control Handles

Hauling bags of concrete in the True Temper Poly Wheelbarrow with Total Control Handles
True Temper Poly Wheelbarrow with Total Control Handles

Wheelbarrows are great for hauling everything from dirt and mulch to bags of concrete around your yard. The plastic tub on the True Temper Poly Wheelbarrow will never rust and can carry up to six cubic feet of materials.

The circular shaped Total Control Handles make it easy to control the wheelbarrow and dump the contents without letting go of the handles.

The True Temper Poly Wheelbarrow is available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: You know, now that the warmer months are upon us, getting out and working in your garden or in your flower bed is my idea of a great weekend. But you also need to make sure that you’ve got good tools to make your projects go a lot smoother.

Take a look at this wheelbarrow by True Temper. What I like best about it is, look how big the tub is. It can hold up to six cubic feet of material. Whether you’re hauling mulch, pea gravel, soil, whatever you need to get to the other side of your lawn or your yard, this is just a great way to haul it.

It’s very sturdy, it’s made out of plastic, so it’s not going to rust. And take a look at this, it’s very easy to control when you’re dumping the content because it’s got these curved handles. So I’m not forced to let go of the handle like other wheelbarrows to gain control of it and dump the entire content out.

This is just a great tool to have around the house. It’ll make your weekend projects go that much quicker.


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