How to Fix Your Lawn’s Bare Spots

I’ve got a couple of bare spots on this lawn, so I’m going to put in some grass seed and will need a nice, even distribution.

Now, if I was overseeding this entire yard, I would get a drop spreader, fill it with seed and walk back and forth and be done with it.

But when you have a bunch of bare spots on the ground, how do you evenly distribute the seed?

Well, here’s one idea: Get a berry container! Most berry containers have drainage holes in them. If they’re slotted holes, they’re perfect for distributing grass seed.

Just dip the container in the bag of seed, fill it up, and if you shake it gently over the soil, you get a nice, even distribution of seed over the whole soil.

And now, the last step, which is really important, is you want to make sure you rake the seed into the soil so it’ll have a good chance of growing.
The seed only needs to be down about a quarter of an inch or so.

Come back and water that every day, and within a few weeks, you’ll see the grass start to grow.

And pretty soon, that bare spot will be gone!


  1. If you’re repairing bare spots in the Spring, don’t apply crab grass preventer because it will not allow the grass seed to germinate.

  2. Will this work where dog urine has killed the grass? I would think there would have to be some treatment of the soil to correct the pH for the grass seed to grow.


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