If you own a walk-behind lawn mower, you know that regular oil changes are essential to keep it running smoothly. 

    It used to be a simple and clean task when machines had a drain plug at the bottom of the engine. But nowadays, most equipment doesn’t have one, and you end up having to pour the oil out of the same port that you fill it in, which can get pretty messy. Oil can drip all over the engine, housing, and your garage floor!

    Here’s the Simple Solution to make your life a lot easier — a plastic jug!

    How to Use a Plastic Jug to Drain Lawn Mower Oil

    Here’s how to make draining lawn mower oil less messy: 

    All you need is a plastic jug, like a half-gallon milk container. Just cut away the spout and along the side, and you’ll end up with a perfectly sized holder for that dirty oil. 

    Once you’ve got that ready to go, you’ll need to tip the motor up on its edge since there’s no drain plug. (Don’t worry, this is the only other way to do it, and it’s not as tough as it sounds.)

    Next, hold the container in place and wait for that dirty oil to start pouring out. Not a single drop will end up on the mower or the floor! 

    When you’re finished, just pour it into a separate container and take it to the recycling center. It’s that easy!

    Why a Plastic Jug is Best for Draining Lawn Mower Oil

    Using a plastic jug as an oil collection container has a lot of benefits. For starters, it’s super easy and convenient to use. The jug is easily accessible and affordable, and with a few modifications, you can create a perfect spout for pouring the used oil. The handle of the jug also provides a comfortable and secure grip, making it easy to hold and control during the collection process.

    Compared to other methods of collecting oil, using a plastic jug is a much more practical and user-friendly option. Other techniques, like using a pan or bucket, can be messy and hard to handle. Oil may spill over the edges or splatter onto the ground, creating a hazardous situation. By using a plastic jug, you can minimize the risk of spills and drips, resulting in a cleaner and safer working area.

    Another great advantage of using a plastic jug is that it’s an eco-friendly method of collecting oil. Plastic jugs can be easily cleaned and reused, reducing the amount of waste produced during the oil collection process.

    Once the jug is full of used oil, you can transport it to a recycling center or disposal facility quickly and effortlessly.

    On the other hand, other methods of collecting oil, such as using a funnel or siphoning the oil, can be time-consuming and untidy. These methods may require extra tools and equipment, and may not be as effective in capturing all of the used oil. Additionally, these techniques can generate more waste, such as paper towels or rags used to clean up spills.

    Safety Tips When Draining Lawn Mower Oil

    When it comes to safely disposing of used oil, here are some tips:

    • Check local regulations: Make sure to check local regulations for how to properly dispose of used oil in your area.
    • Use a designated oil disposal facility: Many cities and towns have designated oil disposal facilities that accept used oil. Check with your local recycling center or government agency for information on these facilities.
    • Do not pour oil down the drain: Never pour used oil down the drain, as it can clog pipes and harm the environment.
    • Store used oil in a sealed container: Store used oil in a sealed container until it can be properly disposed of.

    To Sum It Up

    Using a plastic jug as an oil collection container is a practical and user-friendly method of draining lawn mower oil. It’s an affordable and convenient option that offers good grip and control with a handle, making it easy to hold and control during the collection process. 

    Additionally, it’s an eco-friendly method of collecting oil that can be easily cleaned and reused, reducing the amount of waste produced during the oil collection process. When disposing of used oil, it’s essential to follow proper disposal methods to protect the environment and prevent clogs in pipes. 

    By using a plastic jug to drain lawn mower oil, you can simplify this task and ensure that your equipment runs smoothly for years to come.

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