Rubbermaid Roughneck BagBone holding paper leaf bag open.
Rubbermaid Roughneck BagBone is great for holding paper leaf bags open.

Holding paper leaf bags open while you fill them can be a hassle, but it just got a lot easier thanks to the Rubbermaid Roughneck BagBone.

Simply flex the frame, insert the BagBone in the bag, and release.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Jodi Marks: You know, I love working out in my yard, but one the things I can’t stand is trying to rake leaves and put them in a bag that’s going to fold in on itself, and then I have to fight the bag to get the leaves down in there. But, Shea, you’ve got a really good solution for this, don’t you?

Shea Pettaway: Yes, it definitely can be a pain, Jodi. And Rubbermaid has this Roughneck BagBone, and you just take the long side, flex it in, and there you go.

Jodi Marks: Wow, look at that. It holds it open and wide open. So, I’m not having to struggle with my hands and try to get the leaves down in there.

Shea Pettaway: Right.

Jodi Marks: Because, you know, that’s a pain. I’m trying to get my daughter to hold the bag, but she won’t help me. It really is kind of a two job, two person job, until this.

Shea Pettaway: Right, so now we’ve eliminated two people to one person. So, that way, you can do the backyard and I can do the leaves in the front yard.

Jodi Marks: That’s fantastic. So, you know what, basically we’ve done? We’ve given our bag a spine. Good job.

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