Easy Way to Bag Leaves in Your Yard

Bagging leaves isn’t easy if you don’t have someone to hold the bag open for you. To speed up the process, remove the top from a TV tray, and use it as a frame to secure the plastic trash bag.

The four members of the TV stand frame will hold the bag open so you can use both hands (or a hand and a rake) to scoop up leaves and place them in the bag. Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. Instead of cutting a hole in the lid, I just use clothespins to hold the bag in place.

    I liked the tray table legs idea. I will try that next time.

  2. Some good leaf-gathering tips here, but I can add one. Instead of bending over to pick up leaves, use the rake along with a plastic snow shovel. The shovel acts like a large, long-handled dustpan which is a big help if one is also gathering acorns, nuts, etc. You can keep leaves on the shovel by using the rake, then dump them into your container.

  3. Use two large dust pans to pick up leaves and put them in the container. Works great and very fast with the least effort.


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