Flex-Drain Flexible Landscape Drainage Pipe for Your Yard

Danny Lipford demonstrates how to bend Flex-Drain drainage pipe.

Flex-Drain is a flexible, corrugated, plastic landscape drainage pipe that can be expanded up to four times its original length. Flex-Drain bends easily in any direction and stays that way to direct water from gutter downspouts or other sources away from your house. The 4” diameter pipe is available in both solid and perforated.

Flex-Drain fitting include:

  • Downspout adaptors
  • Couplings
  • Flexible tees
  • Adaptors for 3” and 4” pipe

Flex-Drain flexible drain pipe and fittings are available in black, white, green, brown, and cream. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Some of the problems I hear all the time from home owners are a wet basement, drainage problems around the yard, that’s causing erosion or water settling next to their foundation that’s creating some foundation problems. All of those could be solved with proper drainage around your home.

Now, if you have gutters, that’s a good thing. You want to make sure they’re in really good shape and they don’t leak and they’re moving the water where it’s supposed to go. It should come down the downspout and have something that moves that water away from the house. Here’s a very simple way from this company Flex-Drain, you have this little fitting at the end, you can stretch this out, bend it in any direction you want and wouldn’t that be perfect to have that buried right under your flower bed, then, you can have, another attachment onto that, like this. That will allow you to move that water to a place that won’t damage your house.

Now, if you have a prize tree, or any prize shrubs, you can bend this anyway you want so that you can minimize the amount of digging that you have to do. Plus, Flex-Drain has all of the different fittings, that you might find that you can tie several different downspout drains, into one. Now, this isn’t the most glamorous home improvement project that you might do, but it’s one that will save you a lot of money.


  1. we live in Pittsburgh Pal. I have seen several references about adding “field dirt “. our soil is mostly clay around here, but it is also full of shale. I want to slope the water away from my foundation. Can you advise me? Joe

  2. I bought a flexable black hose (non perforated) to lay in a shallow path that water flows down when it rains heavy to direct water out to my lawn but I need to find an attachment that will spray the water out instead of dispersing it like a hose that will ware down my grass at the end. I went to Home Depot but all they have are a screen cap to keep out debree . There is no such thing as a screen or any such thing made to accomplish this I give up !


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