Importance of Proper Drainage Around the Foundation of Your Home

To ensure proper drainage around your home, it’s important to make sure the ground slopes away from the foundation. Grading your lot properly will prevent rainwater and runoff from pooling against your house, which could lead to foundation damage or mold under your home.

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  1. We have been burned numerous times by different kinds of contractors. Our biggest problem now is house sits low w/pooling. underground gutters run through out nice mature gardens with roots growing in them. We have a separate backyard section where a “drainage” system was put in for driveway runoff. this system collapsed. The top soil is useless as they re dug/upturned the drainage rock and all dead dirt came to top and drains are not high enough so now all grass seed washes away into drains-also looks as though they used black plastic flex instead of the white pvc pipe. just disgusted has been three years with a pool when it rains Of course I think my husband let them get away with ripping us off because it was supposed to be a drainage system. When called back the landscaper/fast talker wanted to tack on a new job for 7,000. I was appalled and thought he was a disgrace for not just fixing what was supposed to be right the first time!! My husband felt the main job was the new paver driveway!! How do i now find some one who specializes in regrading/repairing what already exists. Live in Long Island New York. Thanks and anticipating a detailed reply.

  2. I live in the Austin TX area and wondered if your building a garage apartment , so you need drainage when your building on rock ? where I live , is mostly limestone and our soil depth is approx. 6″ so , is drainage necessary for pier and beam ? thank you

  3. Hi ;
    Do you have an e mail so I can send
    You a picture of a drain issue I’m having and would appreciate your expertise in this issue.
    Thank you

    • Hi, Geno!
      The type of dirt you need varies by geographic location and other factors. We recommend contacting your local building inspector’s office to learn what grading soil types will meet your unique needs.
      Good luck!


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