Advantages of Drying Clothes on a Clothesline

Solar energy is being used more and more around the home, including landscape lighting and solar water heaters. A more common use of solar energy that has been around for years is drying clothes on a clothesline.

Not only does drying clothes outdoors save energy, but sunlight can kill bacteria and give your laundry a fresh smell. Watch this video to find out more.


Think about everything we’ve been able to harness the power of the sun for. We’ve got solar panels that help generate electricity for our homes, solar lights to brighten the path at night, even solar ovens for cooking food. I’ve got another amazing solar product. It’s a solar clothes dryer. Of course, you might know it better as a clothesline.

Sure, this is what our ancestors used, but it’s time we got back to the basics. Line drying uses zero electricity, the UV rays of the sun actually help sanitize the laundry, and the fresh smell is unbeatable. The one complaint is that items will dry stiff. This is easily solved by taking the sun-dried clothes and putting them in the dryer with no heat and adding dryer balls to “fluff” them back out. This only takes about five minutes.

One more thing . . . besides not contributing more to your carbon footprint, you’ll be saving money too, and in today’s economy, that’s worth a trip outside!


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