Kitchen Renovation (Part 1)

Brian and Catherine Vailes love the home they share with their kids, Jackson, Luke and Meggie. But their kitchen is past due for an update.

So, we’ve been helping them plan a way to pull off a massive project in just two weeks, which we’ll cover in two episodes!

Some of the projects we cover in this episode, Part 1, include:

  • Scrape popcorn ceiling
  • Finish the drywall and ceiling
  • Paint the cabinets, walls and ceiling
  • Remove countertop, fur down and valance over the sink

Check out the “Kitchen Renovation” episode article for more information!


  1. I am interested in the printed vinyl used for the backsplash on the kitchen transformation. Could you give me some info on this product.
    Thanks so much!
    Gwen Sizemore
    Love, love, love your show! Best makeover show on TV!❤️

    • Hi, Gwen,
      This a customized backsplash; the homeowner owns a sign store and he selected a design and printed the backsplash at his business.
      If you want this look, you could contact your local sign store and see if they would accommodate the request.
      Thanks for watching the show!

  2. I loved the kitchen reno, it has inspired me to do ours. I have been trying to decide whether or not to paint our light oak cabinets. I love the change so I will paint. What kind of paint should I use? Also Scraping popcorn ceilings is something we have been wanting to do, but was told that they may be asbestos and would need to be tested first, is this true? You didn’t mention this at all. Can we safely scrap them? Thanks love your show it’s so motivating !!!

  3. Did the paint have to be thinned to paint kitchen cabinets? Would you please let me know what sprayer and paint you used.
    Thank you Greg & Donna


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