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You don’t have to spend a fortune to improve the look and function of your kitchen and give it a high-end look. Here are three ideas for your DIY kitchen makeover.

Dress Up Countertops

Give your old, worn plastic laminate countertops a brand new look with Giani Granite Paint for Countertops. Start by applying a coat of black primer to the countertops, then layer on the three different mineral colors, and finish with two clear coats for a bold, new look.

Watch How to Apply Granite Kitchen Countertop Paint to find out more.

Replace Range Hood

A quality range hood in your kitchen is important to remove cooking smoke and odors and to improve the indoor air quality in your home. Broan Allure Series range hoods are Energy Star certified, and include a night light for midnight snacks and a bright light for cooking.

Watch our video on How to Replace a Range Hood to find out more.

Install Window Insulation Kits

Single pane windows are one of the main culprits of heat loss in a home and can really run up both your heating and air conditioning bills. Duck Brand Roll-On Window Kits have a pre-taped top edge and use heat from a hair blower to make sealing up leaky windows a snap.

Watch our video on Installing Plastic Window Insulation Kits to find out how.

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Danny Lipford: Hi, I’m Danny Lipford, and I’ve got some great little tips for you. How you can have a high-end kitchen on a shoestring budget, and it all starts with the countertops.

Now when we started renovating this kitchen a couple of weeks ago, it was pretty plain-Jane. Kind of had some very simple plastic laminate countertops. But we transformed them completely into this granite look, using a Giani Granite Countertop Paint.

First of all we started with black primer, and we came back with three different colors that we layered this look onto it—a very random type of process. And after that we put two coats of clear finish on it.

And the good thing about it is everything you need to do this is in this kit, and the kit is only 79 dollars for an average kitchen. That’s not bad at all for that kind of quality.

Another thing that you can do that’s very important is to replace all of your appliances. Not in the budget? No problem, do one at a time. That’s what these homeowners have done, starting with their range hood.

Their other range hood was pretty obsolete—didn’t really work as well as it needed to. Of course stainless steel is a finish that’s just timeless, so they replaced this.

But what they did is they stepped up and they got this Broan Allure Series that is Energy Star certified. So they’re saving 30 percent on the power that’s needed for this over an average range, plus it works so much better.

It’s got the little night light, you can sneak in and get that midnight snack. Or it has the bright light that you can use when you really get down to some serious cooking.

Now, when you’re wanting to save more money on your energy bill, well, think about that almost every kitchen sink has a window over it. And believe it or not, there’s a protective film that I’ve installed over this to keep out the cold winter winds.

And this is from Duck Brand, and it’s called a Roll-On Window Kit. Basically it’s a roll of plastic with some tape that’s already pre-taped on there.

You roll it out on the top of the window, then you cut off the excess. Then you use double stick tape around the perimeter, and then you use a very unique tool called a hair dryer to actually shrink-wrap the window, creating a nice air pocket to protect you from the outside.

Another very low budget type of improvement you can make to any window in your house, because it only costs about three dollars a window for the Duck Brand Roll-On Window Kit.

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