Creating a Multipurpose Room

John and Emily Bass no longer needed a formal living room in their home, so Danny and Chelsea converted it into a multipurpose room that will better serve their family.

John and Emily Bass live in a 33-year-old home with their three children, John Findley, Ellie and Shepard.

They have a formal living room (which we see in many older homes) but find it no longer fits their needs:

John and Emily Bass don’t need another living room — they need a space that serves multiple purposes.

We’re going to convert the home’s old formal living room into a multipurpose room for homeschooling, a playroom and a home office.

The Projects


In this multipurpose room, everything has its proper place.

Organize Everything


John and Emily’s children have plenty of school supplies and toys. The couple just need to corral those learning tools and playthings at a central location.

With the space cleared, we can start our first project: getting things organized with some cube storage.

Cube storage is an affordable, expandable option and you can find various options at the home center. Danny glued these cubicles to form one single unit.

Build and Install Chalkboard/Cork Board Frame


Emily Bass can teach her homeschooled children with this chalkboard, and the kids can display their art on the adjacent cork board.

Next, John and Danny start work on a combination chalkboard/cork board.

They cut the chalk board from a piece of half-inch medium-density fiberboard, which John coats with chalkboard paint.

Then they begin creating a frame to combine it with the cork board.

Once the chalkboard frame is assembled, it gets a coat of stain.


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