Giving the Kitchen a Facelift


Newlyweds Jamie and Chelsea Adams bought their first home about two years ago. The kitchen had plenty of space, and the flooring and counters were updated just before they bought the house. But, the cabinets weren’t meeting their storage needs and lacked visual appeal.

We gave the kitchen a facelift by refacing the kitchen cabinets, replacing the doors and hardware, and building a custom pantry.

Check out the Kitchen Facelift episode article for details.


  1. I get your show on Saturday after noon and I can not wait until it comes on. Everything has to stop when watching the show because I learn so much and new ways to work on cabinets for example. And to watch Danny and the others pick around and laught it makes the show more interesting to watch. Please keep up the good work.

    • Hi, Larry,
      Allen quit in April to pursue other opportunities and we wish him the best. Thank you very much for watching the show. Our 20th season is going great, and we are so happy to hear you enjoy our show and the newsletter!

  2. Good morning Sir

    I’d like some basic info on ripping out carpet when the base is hardwood floors, is the term hardwood floors mean when take the carpet out I’ll find flooring that can be used, cleaned and or restored? I google it DYI info and it wasn’t so isn’t clear.
    Thank you so much


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