This custom-made spice rack shelf takes up little room inside your kitchen cabinet and makes it easy to find your spices when you need them. Here’s how to make a spice rack shelf for your kitchen:

  1. Shelf Support Frame: Cut three 1”x 2” boards to length. Nail and glue them together, so they form a U-shape shelf support that’s the same size as one of the adjustable shelves in your kitchen cabinet.
  2. Attach Shelf to Frame: Cut three 1” x 3” boards to length. Nail and glue them to the 1×2 frame.
  3. Remove Existing Shelf: Take the adjustable shelf above the spice rack out of the cabinet.
  4. Position Shelf Pins: Put shelf support pegs in the adjustable shelf holes just above the height of the items in the cabinet.
  5. Install Spice Rack Shelf: Position the spice rack on the shelf supports with the 1×3 shelf facing up.
  6. Replace Existing Shelf: Put the shelf back in the cabinet above the spice rack.
  7. Fill Spice Rack: Finally, fill the rack with spices.

Watch this video to find out more.

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If your kitchen cabinets have adjustable shelves, here’s a great way to build in custom storage for spices and herbs and things that come in little bottles that easily get lost if you toss them in a drawer or bury them in the back of the cabinet.

The first thing you need to do is remove a shelf above where you want to put the spices. And then, I just took a couple of 1 by 2s and a 1 by 3; and I built a simple, squared off, U-shaped frame that fits right within the cabinet itself – it’s just 1/8” narrower, Then I took four extra shelf pegs, and I just put them in right above whatever you’re storing on the bottom shelf. In this case I have some cups, so I put the shelf pegs just above that.

And now the shelf, the spice rack shelf, will fit right in there. Lift this up, it should slide right in. And you’ll see it sits right on these pegs, leaves plenty of room for the cups and lots of room for storing the spices.

Let’s put this shelf back. This is the one I took out earlier, and that rest right on there. Put this stuff back on there; and then you can see, look at that, perfect spot for storing all these little bottles of spices. And you can adjust this anywhere you want because, of course, the pegs are adjustable.

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