It’s easy to make a rack to store and display wine glasses beneath your hanging kitchen cabinets using standard T-molding, which is available at home centers for floor thresholds.

Here’s how to go about making a homemade wine rack:

  1. Cut Molding: Cut two or more pieces of T-molding to length (8½” long for standard 12” deep hanging cabinets).
  2. Predrill Molding: Drill two holes in each piece of molding.
  3. Determine Spacing: Position the molding on the bottom of the hanging cabinet, spaced so the wine glasses will slide between the strips (approximately 2” apart).
  4. Attach Molding: Screw the molding to the bottom of the cabinet, making sure the screws don’t protrude all the way through the cabinet.
  5. Fill Rack: Slide your wine glasses on the rack.

Watch the video above to find out more.


Sometimes the best kitchen storage idea is to hide something in plain sight, especially if it’s an attractive item like wine glasses. In this case I made a storage rack for the glasses on the underside of this cabinet. The nice thing is what I made it out of, which is T-molding.

This is a floor transition molding you can get at any home center store, and it’s made for transitioning from one type of floor to another. But if you look at it closely, you’ll see it’s T-shaped, so it’s perfect for sliding in. You mount it to the underside of the cabinet upside down, you can slide the glasses in.

I just took three pieces and cut them to 8½” long, drilled a hole in each end, and attached it with screws to the underside of the cabinet. Now for the spacing, I noticed that for these particular wine glasses, each rack had to be 2” apart. As it turns out the molding is exactly 2” wide, so I used it as a spacer block.

And now I can just slide the glasses in and they rest right on the T-molding. So not only did we solve a storage problem here, but it looks kind of cool, too.

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