Why You Need a Furnace Tune-Up Before Cold Weather Hits

Having a furnace tune-up before the cold winter months arrive should be on your to-do list every year. After all, just a little maintenance can go a long way.

Here’s why it’s important, what’s involved, the cost you can expect and some pro tips to start the cold-weather season right!  

Friendly American Standard HVAC technician, who is wearing a cap, smiles, holds a clipboard, and stands beside a condenser unit
A heating and cooling specialist should check your system at least once a year.

Why a Furnace Tune-Up is Important

Air conditioners need annual tune-ups just before temperatures spike, and heating systems are no different when it comes to requiring regular maintenance.

Furnaces have many parts that can wear out over time. During a furnace tune-up, a heating, ventilation and air conditioning professional examines those inner workings and checks for hazards, such as carbon monoxide leaks in gas-powered systems.

Best of all, these tune-ups can prevent system breakdowns during cold months, when you need the furnace to work, and lengthen its life.

Duck Tape for HVAC ductwork
A heating, ventilation and air conditioning technician can identify leaks in ductwork. Of course, you can look for leaks beforehand, too, and even repair them with duct tape designed for ductwork.

What You Can Expect During the Appointment

An HVAC technician will check the system, flame sensors and safety controls during a furnace tune-up.

In addition, they will clean the system’s coils — where dust often accumulates — and its burners. And they will check any electrical components and look for ductwork leaks, repairing them as needed.

The technician also will make sure the system is getting the proper voltage and filtering the air.

American Standard representative visits with a married couple at their home
Yes, you’ll have to spend some extra money for a routine heating tune-up, but the benefit will be worth it.

The Cost of Furnace Maintenance

The average cost of a furnace tune-up is around $140, but it could range between $100 and $150, depending on where you live.

Some companies offer value packages, especially if you sign up for both air conditioner and furnace maintenance.

That’s a value in more ways than one, because having one company consistently check your system, year after year, can help them build a history with your home and give it the most thorough check-up.

Either way, it’s a small price to pay since the tune-up will save you that amount, and it will keep your system in good shape, operating optimally, efficiently and lengthening its life.


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