How to Receive Free Help Weatherizing Your Home

Man caulking around windows to weatherize his home
Drafts can enter your home from the tiniest gaps, so it’s important to caulk around windows with each change of season. (DepositPhotos)

If you’re living a poorly insulated or energy-inefficient home, you just might be eligible for some government help.

The Weatherization Assistance Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, funds grants to state and local agencies to provide free energy assessments and weatherization services to low-income homeowners and tenants across the country.

To date, this program has weatherized over 5 million homes.

Local weatherization programs include:

  • Energy audits
  • Energy Star appliances
  • HVAC improvements
  • Wall and pipe insulation
  • Weatherstripping and caulking

On average, weatherizing your house can reduce home energy bills by up to 20%. Not only can that make a huge difference in your budget, but it contributes to a greener planet!

Man wearing a mask and gloves while installing mineral wool insulation in the attic
Most homes could use some extra insulation.


The Weatherization Assistance Program is an income-based program that’s open to homeowners, tenants (with the landlord’s permission), and multi-family buildings. The financial guidelines vary from state to state, but in general, the cutoff is based on a percentage of the federal poverty level.

To find out if you qualify, contact your local Weatherization Assistance Program office by visiting the Weatherization Assistance Program Project Map and clicking on your state.

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  1. I applied for the weatherization program in my county 6 months ago, and I contacted them a couple of weeks ago to see where I am on the list. They said I am still way down on the list. My floors are cold, my walls are cold, and right now, I have bronchitis. Is there any kind of help out there

  2. Can u please help me to get my home a real home i need windows doors roof i need cabinet i need ever thing for this house can u please help me. i need help to fix this house up.

    • Hi, Benita! “Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford owns Lipford Construction, a Mobile, Alabama-based remodeling business. If you are local to the area, you’re welcome to contact 251-476-3323 for project estimates.
      If that is not an option, we recommend contacting your area home builders association. Many of these organizations have local community service projects in which volunteers donate their time and expertise to someone in need.
      Use this link to find the home builders association near you:
      Thanks for your question!

  3. I need help insulating my home it was built in 1902 & it stays cold all the time even with the furnace running. I can feel cold air from somewhere & the attic is the coldest & i have insulation for that but my back wont let me & its just sitting up there

  4. We haven’t owned the home quite a year, just found out it needs insulation in the attic badly. There’s no central air or heat and the cost of window units is just to much on a fixed income. We have a paralized cousin here ,my husband is also not the best shape. Can we get any help?

  5. Hi i have a friend who is obese she cant work she has 2 kids she lives in a trailwr homw which she owne i was wondering if you can help her winteriize her home shes always behind on her bills due to high amounrs please help

  6. I have a 1 yr little boy, I need windows really bad, cold air come threw them. my wood siding is in disrepair. I work a full time job and just barley make it. any help I can get would be great

  7. I live in a old house that was my parents (blessing) but it was built in 1935 and it’s so cold Iam out of work now but have worked my whole life and never asked for help but if you could help me now to get my house warm it would mean the world to me thank you

  8. I know that my house is not bad but I like to get my windows checked for air leaks and some other things to.. thanks and I under stand if I don’t qualify

  9. My home is almost 51 years old . I try to keep up the maintance. I will be 75 in December, and live alone my hus and 11 years ago and my income is around 17,000 yearly. So I don’t qualify for assistance. But the cost of everything is going up and I don’t want to give my home. I love my home. I raised two beautiful children but they can’t help cause of health reasons and my son work way to many hours. I would like to have my home insulated . I am doing the windows now as well the front door. A new bathroom and my kitchen wood resurfaced. I would love to put a wooden roof over my deck so that I can enjoy my back yard and a new tool shead, I am tired of repainting it every year. Even if I don’t win a contest I just love your show. If you could put me in the right direction to help me with my projects that would be great. I just your home


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