How to Make an Extension Cord Carrier from a Bucket

To turn a 5-gallon bucket into a handy storage and carrying container for an extension cord, simply drill a 1½” diameter hole in the side of the bucket near the bottom using a hole saw. Run the male end of the plug through the hole from inside the bucket, and put the rest of the cord in the bucket for easy carrying.

When you plug in the extension cord, be sure to remove the cord from the bucket to keep heat from building up. When you’re done, put the cord back in the bucket and carry it back to your garage or workshop.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information


If you’re like me, chances are you’ve got a few of these five gallon buckets in your workshop or garage that you use for storage. But here’s an idea you may not have thought of, using a bucket like this for storing and carrying around your extension cord. But it’s not just that, it’s also a good way to use the cord.

What I did is I took a drill with a 1½” diameter hole saw, and I drilled a hole – as you can see here – right near the bottom of the bucket. What that allows me to do is take the male end of the cord, and feed it through the hole. Then pull out maybe two or three inches, then I can dump in the rest of the cord.

Now, when you can bring it to the job site, plug this in, then pull out the cord, and use it. Now, you can see here that this is a 50-foot cord, and there’s still plenty of room to put in some hand tools and even a power tool. But it’s really important to remember when you’re using this, don’t leave the cord all coiled up inside, because it can build up heat. So if you pull it out, then put it back when you’re done, you just unplug the cord, and take it with you on to the next job site.


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