Eliminate trash odors with these 2 items

Do you have a smelly trash can in the kitchen? Joe Truini has a solution.[/caption]Having a trash can in the kitchen can be convenient, but it also can be smelly.

Reducing odors in kitchen trash can be as simple as taping a dryer sheet to the trash can liner near the top of the bag.
A scented dryer sheet will mask unpleasant odors for a week or more.

Also, consider putting newspaper at the bottom of the can and at the bottom of each new trash bag to absorb any spilled liquids.


  1. I’m very sensitive to artificial scents, especially those in dryer sheets. I searched for a natural solution and found one that works great. Simply pour some distilled vinegar on a slice of bread then put it in the trash can! It works on even the strongest odors, such as banana peels. Another solution is to sprinke some baking soda on the garbage as it accumulates in the can. One more hint: During the warmest weather store any meat wrappers, fruit and veggie peels in a plastic bag in your freezer until trash day.

  2. We put any trash, that might turn funky, into a plastic bag in the freezer and dispose of it on trash day. Problem solved!

  3. I save the bags from inside cereal boxes & use them to put smelly scraps into. They keep the smell out of the garbage until I take it out.

  4. Odors stay even after garbage is taken out. On top of that, my plastic can is new. No garbage has touched the can nor swinging lid itself.

    Is my plastic can holding odors because it is plastic? It’s embarrassing when company comes and I have fresh liner and no garbage in it at all..

    Thanks, Cissy


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