Building a Wind Resistant Sunroom and Porch Addition

Watch this video to see how a wind resistant sunroom and porch addition were built for a house located on the water in a hurricane prone area, including:

  • Removing the existing porch and supporting the second floor.
  • Pouring the concrete slab foundation.
  • Framing and reinforcing the 2×6 walls with plywood sheathing.
  • Reinforcing the roof rafters using steel straps and hangers.
  • Fabricating and attaching reinforced steel porch columns.
  • Applying a water shield underlayment to the roof.
  • Making custom plywood window covers with wing nut hardware for easy installation and removal.

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  1. Hey Mr. Danny, Looking at the video – Building a wind resistant Sunroom & Porch. In the video showed the builder installing Plywood on the windows. My Question is : I would like to know the type of anchor system they used when installing the plywood to the windows. Looks like a threaded insert was used, then had a threaded stud installed & then a wing-nut was installed. Can you help me out? Thanks Mike

  2. Where in Florida was this covered porch built? Also was this built to code or higher. We live in Lynn Haven Florida and are planning to have it built for us, but I don’t believe the code here is tough enough. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

    • Hi, Rick,
      This project was constructed on the western shore of Mobile Bay in Mobile, Alabama. It was built to code in about 2010 — the local codes at that time had recently been improved as a result of Hurricanes Katrina and Ivan.


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