Listen to our tips for working with a contractor when adding a deck to your home. Jump to this segment here: [skipto time=15:09][15:09][/skipto].
  • [skipto time=2:52][2:52][/skipto]: Danny & Joe share an update on the cost of building materials
  • [skipto time=5:31][5:31][/skipto]: Danny talks about the importance of keeping homeowner’s insurance up to date
  • [skipto time=15:09][15:09][/skipto]: How to make sure the contractor building your deck is doing a good job
  • [skipto time=21:19][21:19][/skipto]: What to do when a door sticks to the jamb
  • [skipto time=28:17][28:17][/skipto]: Home Depot Best New Product: GE Front-Load Washing Machine with OdorBlock UltraFresh Vent System
  • [skipto time=30:280][30:28][/skipto]: What you should know about paver patios, polymeric sand and weeds
  • [skipto time=31:50][31:50][/skipto]: Pro tips for installing a brick or stone walkway
  • [skipto time=40:42][40:42][/skipto]: Tips for removing nails from a carpet tack strip
  • [skipto time=49:20][49:20][/skipto]: Simple Solution: how to re-screen a screen door and make it tight
  • [skipto time=56:11][56:11][/skipto]: What to do about a poorly installed dryer vent pipe
  • [skipto time=01:01:10][01:01:10][/skipto]: How to prevent moisture from entering the dryer vent pipe and dripping into the dryer
  • [skipto time=01:03:19][01:03:19][/skipto]: Attaching a planter box to a fence and training plants to grow up the fence
  • [skipto time=1:09:55][1:09:55][/skipto]: What to do about a driveway with standing water
  • [skipto time=1:14:56][1:14:56][/skipto]: Tips for efficient low-maintenance landscaping
  • [skipto time=1:22:29][1:22:29][/skipto]: The ideal time to prime and paint cedar
  • [skipto time=1:33:47][1:33:47][/skipto]: What you should know about spray-foam insulation and termite bonds
  • [skipto time=1:38:38:][0:00][/skipto]: Tips for refreshing your tile floor’s grout
  • [skipto time=1:43:05][1:43:05][/skipto]: Simple Solution: Making flower boxes out of rain gutters to attach to porch railings

Building a deck for your home, and not sure how to check up on your contractor to make sure they’re doing the job right? We’ve gotcha covered in this episode of The Today’s Homeowner Radio Show. 

Are you still wondering if the cost of building materials will stabilize following the Covid-19 pandemic’s sky-high price hikes? Skip to [skipto time=2:52][2:52][/skipto] for the latest update.

And what about creating a walkway that connects your front door and driveway? We have some thoughts on that topic, too! 

Listen to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for more home improvement tips!

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