How’s your summer going so far? The heat is in full force across a lot of the nation and what better way to beat the heat than to stay inside and tune into Today’s Homeowner Radio? We had a great show this week with questions coming in from all over the country, including a popular question about how to control some of those crazy house-chewing squirrels!


There have been a lot of methods tried to repel them. Anything from steel wool, cayenne pepper and even wolf or coyote urine; but the fact is, those things are only good until the first rainfall. I’ve always recommended creating their own feeding station away from the house using peanut butter and sunflower seeds as their party food. Of course, we all know how those little rodents can steal the food meant for our feathered friends, so here’s a video that will help you build your own squirrel baffle to protect your bird feeders.

You’ve heard Danny and me talk often about our fondness for the Wet & Forget products, but many of you are having a difficult time finding any in stores. So click HERE to take you directly to a store locator for your area. Be sure to look at what products each store carries. Not every store carries each product!

Looking for a great way to remove rust from tools without all the caustic chemicals? Try molasses! This video shows Joe Truini using a molasses mixture to clean off rust. Even though Joe uses a 9:1 ratio of water to molasses. I like to mix mine stronger, more like 4:1.

If you have a closet in your home dedicated to housing the furnace, did you know that it should be completely sealed off from the attic space? I’ve seen many times where there are gaps allowing that hot attic air to infiltrate the space. Not good! Often the return air is located below these closets. Open up the grill and look inside. That space should also be sealed. Take a look at this great episode of the Today’s Homeowner television show where Danny uses caulk to seal off this space.

We wrapped up the show this week talking about eating wild scuppernongs, also known as muscadines. Yes, they may be an acquired taste, but the taste for me is a taste of summertime! Get outside and make some summertime memories of your own!


Here’s a list of all the questions we tackled on this week’s show:

Hour 1

Fred in AL
We keep good Home Depot paint on the outside but, as it is time to repaint we were thinking about the Rhino Shield type of paint that has been advertised on TV. The “paint it now and never have to paint again” stuff. What do you think of this product? I thought it might trap moisture in the walls rather than prevent moisture seeping through.

Martha in CT
My husband wants to install faced insulation in the attic. He already has the material, but I read that he shouldn’t place faced insulation on old one. Is that true? Also is the paper side should be placed face down on spots where there’s no insulation?

Mirrian in UK
Can you, please, tell me if I can use wood stain on my guttering? It isn’t plastic, and I’m not sure what it’s made of. It has been on roof for many years. Currently, it is grey-ish white and I would like to stain it brown.

Johnny in AL
I’m having a real problem with squirrels chewing on my cedar siding. Does anything work to repel them?

Kathy in PA
Our new dishwasher door can’t be opened all the way because of our cabinet doors to right side of dishwasher which are part of island. Cabinet knobs will have to come off but what can I use to open cabinets that would be flat and allow door to be fully opened?

Randolph in PA
We have a bathroom seldom used. Whenever we check the water in the bowl is low or gone. If I flush it then it looks good. Till next time. No signs of leaks. Any ideas?

Hank in CA
I’ve heard you talk about an easy way to remove mold from your roof. Can you explain that more and do you have to scrub the roof? I have slate and it’s too easily damaged.

Doris in IN
I have a box full of drill bits, etc. Some are rusted. How do I clean them and maintain them. Also, same with my shovels and other garden tools.

Conn in GA
I saw the episode detailing the 8′ fence that you built at your home. But there was ever any detail on how the stringers were attached to the posts. Just cut to fit an toe nailed/screwed?

Hour 2

Janet in AL
I have brought a 16yr house on an inter-coastal water way. The house has a few too many windows and I would like to remove them. The house has vinyl siding. The windows are on the east and west sides on the house and 20 and 30 feet up. Should I pull the windows out and frame or just drywall over the inside of the window? I’m a pretty handy do it yourselfer, but I need the right way to do it and instructions.

Kathy in IL
I was told you can’t buy paint for a metal shed roof because it will just bubble and flake off. I said “None of the millions of people with metal sheds have ever painted their roof?” They didn’t have an answer for me. Is there such a paint?

Reba in LA
How should I clean the old vinyl floor that is now there before putting down the new tile? Is there something that I should use to clean, or just be sure that it is free of oil?

Rose in PA
I’m in my summer home and do not have the facilities to wash the outdoor cushions, like I have at home, because I’m in a condo at the beach. Can I wash these cushions at a car wash or is the spray too strong?

Carol Anne in AL
Is my air conditioner/heater closet supposed to be sealed off from the attic & house, except for where the air filters are?

Sharon in LA
It will be several days before a plumber can get to us. Do you have a solution for a slow-draining bathroom sink? I tried the baking soda/vinegar method followed with boiling water with no visible success.

MJ in NC
Do you recommend water-based sealer or solvent-based for a paver patio? One patio restorer said sealer can start to flake off after a couple of years, so he does not recommend it.

Pattie in LA
We recently purchased a home built in 1978. The back patio is in fair shape, with no broken areas, but it’s just old-looking, flaking concrete. If I use a concrete caulk, I’m afraid it will look like a huge spider web. Can I coat the surface with anything to make it look new?

Renee in TX
We recently moved and the patio has a slick finish and is very slippery when wet. What is the best way to remedy this accident waiting to happen?

Ronald in GA
Is growing muscadines the same way we grow scuppernongs?

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