There’s nothing like a spirited, friendly debate to kick off a show, and that’s just what we did this week as we took on the topic of cleaning air ducts. Don’t get me wrong…I think there’s definitely a time and a place for duct cleaning, but there are too many charlatans out there who are using scare tactics and overblown pricing to make their living. Here’s the bottom line: If any representative of an HVAC company comes to your home and after a simple eyes-only inspection of your duct work says, “I’m sorry, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but you have mold and it’s very dangerous to your health. I strongly urge you to have your ducts professionally cleaned,” then they’re using a strong-arm tactic on you. No one, and I repeat NO ONE, can look at a suspicious material and tell you it’s mold. This is a statement released directly from the Environmental Protection Agency: “Even though a substance looks like mold, you need a laboratory analysis to absolutely confirm it.” In the meantime, here’s some information that will answer many of your questions about whether or not a duct cleaning service is right for you.

clean duct

We’ve still got a few emails and calls coming in requesting the recipe we featured on our national television show for an organic weed killer. Here’s the formula:

Mix together one gallon of white vinegar, two cups of Epsom salt and ¼ cup of Dawn dish detergent. Apply using a pump up sprayer, but remember that it will kill ANY vegetation, so be careful where you spray it.

One of the most entertaining callers this hour was Jerry in Indiana whose loose gutters had its problem compounded by tap-dancing geese. I don’t make this stuff up, folks, he actually said that. But, if you’ve got some loose gutters whether from a gaggle of galloping geese or not, this video by our Simple Solutions host Joe Truini will help you tighten them up again.


For a really easy and unique-looking walkway, check into Quikrete’s WalkMaker forms. You really only need one form, but you can use more to speed up the job. Here’s a great walkway Danny created a few years ago using the Country Stone pattern.


Our pro in the first hour was the Clutter Cowgirl, Jeni Aron an organization expert from New York City. She’s got a ton of fantastic information and ideas on her web site to help you muddle through some of the messes in your life! With as many organization and storage questions that we get, it’s a sure bet we’ll be hearing more from Jeni on Today’s Homeowner!

Jeni Aron

At some point our conversation turned toward the old dilapidated camper Danny and his wife Sharon restored. Here’s a video of the finished project along with their dog little Ricky. Other than the obvious favoritism to Auburn University, great job!

We had a great discussion about how renting some professional equipment can be worth the investment, especially with the time it will save, not to mention a higher safety factor. This is definitely the case with a scissors lift. My go-to company is Compact Power Equipment Rental. You can see all the great gear they have available here. Plus, you would be surprised at the equipment you may have thought could only be operated by a licensed contractor. Be sure to check them out. They’re available in over 1,000 Home Depot stores across the U.S. and Canada.

And, here’s a full list of the questions we tackled on this week’s show:

Hour 1

Barbara in AL
How do I know if my air ducts need cleaning?

Old Goat in MS
I have observed epoxy floor used in commercial properties and warehouses. Is there a liquid flooring material that would be O K to use in our residence?

Jerry in IN
The nails are pulling out of my gutters and the gutters are pulling away from the house. Could you direct me on the best way to repair this problem?

Jacqueline in OR
I want to create a unique pathway from our house to the garden. A cobblestone-type look is what I want, but can’t find anything that really strikes my fancy. Got any creative ideas?

Jana in NC
Hi Danny & Allen…..My 5-year-old son has just started kindergarten which, as a first-time mom can be traumatic for both of us! But now that I have some free time during the day, I’m trying to get some order and organization into our home, but I’m feeling overwhelmed. Can you give me some practical advice to get started so I don’t feel so defeated?

Tricia in VA
Do you have any easy & low cost ideas for screening in a carport? It has metal railings all the way around to corral pets.

Hour 2

Pat in MI
My middle post on my deck has rotted on the bottom, should I replace it with a wood post or rounded cement circles made of some type of cement and stone on the bottom? Who does this type of work?

Carlos in GA
I want to build a cooking station on a section of my backyard (the most convenient location) that is on a slope. I want to dig in and install a retaining wall. I can’t figure out how to install the retaining wall that is about 3ft at the back, has 2 square corners and would have to decreasing walls on the sides.

Henry in LA
How do you remove mildew from cloth blinds?

Brenda in Florida
You mentioned something on your show the other week about using some sort of a lift if you have some exterior painting to do that would be safer than working on an extension ladder. Is this only for a professional contractor like yourself?

S. Lacoste in CA
Do you think color could be added to either the liquid stainless or the clear top coat in order to achieve something less industrial?

Raj in ONT
I would like to replace the laminate flooring in my basement with 6″x 36″ porcelain tiles. I would like to apply Redgard waterproofing membrane onto the concrete slab floor before installing the tiles.

Frank in TN
I just finished building a mahogany table out of 5/4” stock and would like to seal the table leaving its natural colors. What sealer you would recommend?

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